Charismatic Prophetess Gives Wild Answer to Gruesome Q&A about Angels Chopping off Demon Heads

When Kat Kerr, our favorite pink-haired charismatic meme-bot and “Dr. Michael Brown-approved prophetess” isn’t weaving an unbiblical tale of witchcraft and false theology by claiming that when babies die in miscarriage, sometimes God “puts them back” in the womb, that St. Patrick’s mansion is surrounded by giant singing shamrocks, or that heaven is full of 20ft Sasquatch Warriors, ‘Fairies,’ and unicorns, she’s explaining how she has a picture of thousands of lioned-faced angels frog-marching chained demons across the sky in order to go to heaven for judgment.

Appearing on Episode 23 of Wednesdays with Kat and Steve, Kerr, who really is excellent at improv [the form of comedy in this case? -Ed.], answers the question from the ever-gullable Steve: “Can I ask my angels to draw their swords and cut off the heads of any and all devils that I find attacking me, and if not, what can I ask them to do?”

Kerr informed the poor tormented soul that she herself can’t kill the demons, but that if she invites heaven’s army to accompany her, the angels can do her dirty work. These are not the 40-foot tall guardian angels that look like people, but rather a separate class called “hosts.” She explains:

The hosts don’t mostly don’t ever look like people, they look like creatures. They’re made out of things like light or sound. But, they’re real and they’re fierce. They can battle the demonic, they can shred them but not kill them and I mean they will literally shred them. They can leave marks on them but they can’t kill them.

I…literally took a picture one time, when I first invited heaven’s army according to the protocol the Father gave me. I invited heaven’s army to be one of my weapons and they began showing up outside in the sky over my home.

And one time, not kidding, there was a whole group of them, the ones that looked like lions, they’re the world guards, they had some demons in chains and brought them over my roof and I got a picture.

Steve: “Really?”

I’m not kidding. I’m, not kidding. They were showing me the ones they had captured and were dragging either for judgment, because I have been in the courtrooms in heaven where sometimes demons are dragged up and judged and then the father deals with them. They’re either thrown in a dry place or they’re thrown in chains. That’s what ‘spear force(?)’ is all about. You’re gonna learn so much about that so I don’t have time or won’t answer any questions, but I can tell you you can command your army if you have an army.


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28 thoughts on “Charismatic Prophetess Gives Wild Answer to Gruesome Q&A about Angels Chopping off Demon Heads

  1. Wow, that IS one Big whopper w/cheese! I’d bet when she’s done spinning these crazy tales, she (and accomplices) have a good laugh at how stupid the fools are that believe them.

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