Charismatic Prophetess Releases Miraculous Picture She Took of God’s Hand in the Sky

Kat Kerr has really ramped it up this time. Our favorite pink-haired false prophetess is claiming she has a picture of the hand of God in the sky, which is a message from the Lord confirming a prophecy from “prophet” Hank Kunneman that a “divine shift” had taken place with former President Donald Trump, and that he would soon be restored to the White House. From Episode 32 of ‘Wednesday’s with Kat and Steve’

(During the 4th of July) Some of my family were there. Some of our staff got to come. And I’m really glad that they were there because we had a powerful manifestation of God Himself….Hank Kunneman was prophesizing (during a recent service) and he said’ watch for the hand of God to show up’ then he said ‘watch for the pointing of the finger. Evidence is coming. And you need to watch especially for those two things’. (Editor’s note. He never said anything of the sort during his meeting)

You know how he talks about ‘watch for the different weather’ and everything. Right, he was talking about some very different things. This time, it was really exciting. I didn’t know I was going to get to experience it, though. And so we went on to our fourth of July celebratio,…By the way, if you hear an alarm going off, we’re going to bring the video next week and anybody actually see this video, the hand of God appeared.

At the end of the fireworks, you clearly see a finger pointing and his hand is like this, and you see it pointing up.

Chief Enabler Steve Shultz: “Wow!”

God said ‘there’s my finger pointing- there’s my hand and my finger is pointing.’ And so that was so significant. So I took photos, but I did a little mini video about it too, saying ‘does everybody see, can you see the hand of God? Can you see the finger pointing?’

…So I sent the pictures to Hank and Brenda and I even sent them any video. And when their plane landed…They saw my text message to them. He was undone! He clearly knew that morning was when that prophecy was given. And that evening, God showed up at the end of hours with his finger point. With his hand showing about this much of showing, you clearly can see it you can’t deny.

In the background, you see the faces of the host all around it. So it’s quite spectacular. To start this broadcast with a very positive or sharp message. And letting you know God is confirming his word. The Prophet speak on His behalf…so I already was taking pictures, literally all of that going on. And that’s why you see some of the faces of the host behind the hand of God in the sky. It was really amazing.”

Shultz brought up the fact that some people were upset because the fourth of July had come and gone without a major shift being seen or talked about by the prophets regarding Donald Trump, and Kat affirms that yes, the finger-pointing was in fact the sign of the ‘divine shift’

She explains that she heard from some of Trump’s own camp personally that things were brewing and he was about to be restored, and that “ brother gets messages all the time sent to him from the Homeland Security people that kind of confirm what Trump is saying. Now they don’t send them to anybody. They send them to people who are a part of that. You can’t just ask to be a part of it. They choose to trust you as a patriot or not. But he actually did also get something sent to him saying that it was not going to be long.”

“The shift thing happened on the fourth. It was a spiritual shift thing. But it was visible. (Shultz: “awesome”) You will see that hand in this God’s hand in the finger-pointing. It was prophesied that morning, that would be the beginning of something. And he said, watch for the hand of God watch for the finger-pointing. How much clearer Can you be? That is what appeared on the Fourth of July, in the heavens, it was sent by God. So he said, we would see it, we saw what everyone’s gonna see that image, and you’re gonna know God literally did bring a shift.

As for the image in question, to say that it would be unimpressive and unconvincing would be a foregone conclusion. But behold, here is a picture of God’s mighty hand, confirming the prophetic anointing of “The Pink Revelator”


That’s it.

That’s the finger of God and you can see the faces of the hosts of heaven surrounding it. We are sorry for breaking the Second Commandment, but we had no choice. We did it to show the people the proof of his mighty hand.

And lest you think not yourself “There MUST be a better picture than that. There must be something more high-resolution than that” You would be absolutely wrong, because there is not. That’s what we got.

For reference, Kerr also claims she has a picture of thousands of lioned-faced angels frog-marching chained demons across the sky in order to go to heaven for judgment.

We’d love to see what that one looks like.

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  1. The pink prophetess is speaking her truth.

    Who are we to judge, cause you know, judging is evil, and touch not the anointed, do my pink hair prophetess’ no harm, and other stuff like that…

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