Protestia is polemical news site that dedicates itself to providing Christian news and discernment in an age of widespread censorship. We document the downgrade of the church while being a resource for those wanting to know more about the figures and folks abusing the bride of Christ and taking us further and further away from sound biblical orthodoxy.

When doing so, we strive to give out primary sources, link pertinent information, including video and pictures, offer full quotes in context, cite other outlets with the same findings, and be diligent in conveying the truth. Protestia also provides commentary and opinion from the theological and worldview perspective of conservative evangelical Christianity.

The name, Protestia, is a hat-tip to the Protestant Reformation and all writers, contributors, and volunteers who serve our publication are Protestant Christians who mostly subscribe to one of the following Confessions of Faith:

  • The Westminster Confession of Faith
  • First London Baptist Confession of Faith (1643, 1644)
  • The Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)
  • The Abstract of Principles
  • The Belgic Confession
  • The Augsburg Confession

Our goal at Protestia is to continue the Reformation in all facets of life, living the slogan, “Semper Reformanda” (always reforming). And likewise, we most certainly are Protestants who are still protesting.

Additionally, all writers, contributors, and volunteers are members in good standing of local congregations. Those who are unaffiliated with an established Protestant church may not participate in our endeavors. And although our co-laborers may come from a variety of Protestant faith traditions including Presbyterians, Lutherans, or Congregationalists, the theological views explicitly propagated within our publication will be generally agreeable to the Second London Baptist Confession. However, many news topics covered by Protestia do not pertain to these doctrinal differences, and we enjoy happy cooperation with Protestant believers who share our worldview on other issues not directly related to our theological distinctives.

In addition, all writers, contributors, and volunteers subscribe to:

While all contributors are in agreement over the fundamentals of the faith, on occasion that’s where the similarities stop. We allow our writers to express opinions that we may not agree with on secondary and tertiary issues. Unless the articles are being written by David Morrill or ‘Staff Writer’ they do not necessarily reflect the position of Protestia.

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Protestia is thankful for many others who help to serve as copywriters, editors, and social media admins.

All our content is free to use in whatever capacity you see fit. We only ask that you give us proper credit (i.e, h/t to Protestia.com)

Note: For a detailed FAQ-style explanation of polemics/discernment ministry, read our open letter here.