Kat Kerr says Miscarried Babies are Reincarnated For the Next Pregnancy

When Kat Kerr, our favorite pink-haired charismatic meme-bot and ‘Dr. Michael Brown-approved prophetess isn’t commanding 100 million angels to guard the RNC, or making a fool of herself when she tries to control the weather, or recounting how when she visits heaven (trips out on acid/ given visions by satan) that even God and the angels refer to Joe Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’, she’s weaving an unbiblical tale of witchcraft and false theology by claiming that when babies die in miscarriage, sometimes God “puts them back” in the womb.

Acting like she’s never heard of Hebrews 9:27 before “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” Kerr made the remarks on an Elijah List episode with Steven Shultz. A listener who had gone through the heartbreak five separate miscarriages asked “If you have multiple miscarriages, are there multiple children waiting to meet you in Heaven — or is it just one child that God keeps sending back into your body?

Her response?

… Well, that is a very wise question that very few people actually ever ask… Sometimes, depending on who that is that God’s sending from Himself, if He needs that child on this Earth at a specific time — some people are going to freak out over this, just get over it — God, God, and He’s done in the past. If there’s somebody — I know somebody that that happened to. That He sent their child to be here during a specific time. This was just a few years ago, and the baby miscarried.

And God sent — this is what He does — He will take that little spirit, because it’s usually really early on, He’ll take that little spirit and, uh, put him back inside Himself, and then, when the parents try again, sometimes He will put it back a second time, because He needs them here. But most of the time, if you’ve miscarried five times, normally, you have five children in Heaven. And I guess we’ll all find that out when we get there.

That is not what scriptures teach. The Scriptures teach that God is sovereign and everything is done on earth and in heaven according to his descriptive or prescriptive will- that he decrees all things, including miscarriages, and that no matter what happens, the Judge of all the earth will do right.

Once to die, and then the judgement. These babies are not being put back into the bellies multiple times, and Kat Kerr has no idea what she’s talking about.

h/t to the hive of scum and villainy known as the “friendly” atheist for the video and the transcript.


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15 thoughts on “Kat Kerr says Miscarried Babies are Reincarnated For the Next Pregnancy

  1. I hope this opportunistic narcissist is making lots of filthy lucre off her schtick in this world because she’s got much to answer for in the hereafter…

  2. She s non stop. She has so much bad to say about everything. In particular Trump and God lol
    I hope people will see clear and get away. But it’s like

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