Charismatic Prophetess says Her Mother is Anointed to Literally ‘Call in’ Babies from Heaven

There are two of them. [Help, Lord! -Ed.]

Explaining that her mother is 90 years old and still sharp as a tack, having drawn her own little following on account of a shiny theological bauble she possesses, our favorite pink-haired sorceress Kat Kerr has introduced us to a brand new gifting and unique ministry that we’ve never heard of before, compliments of her maker.

Claiming that her mom operates in the “baby zone,” Kerr recounts how every time she prays for couples to have a baby, they have one. This is because her mother is anointed to literally “call in” babies from heaven and bring them down to earth where they will become implanted in the womb – a cosmic road trip predicated by her miraculous gift. She explains:

[My Mom] has already almost like her own little following. She also is anointed literally to call babies from the Father to the earth, which means she is Anointed. She has her own following, she has her own prayer lines.

When I go somewhere she’ll pray for people that can’t have children and she makes them understand, ‘are you going to be accountable for this child?’

Okay you’re not going to just go to my mom and say ‘pray for me.’ You’re going to get a talk to by her, and uh, she’s raised 15. She should know, right?

Steve: “She calls them in? She literally calls them in?”

Yeah. The father has anointed her to do that. So almost every person she’s ever prayed for – any couple or person she prays for – they have a baby. I mean, she’s going to start a gallery of pictures and she stays in contact with them until they have the baby. We call it the “baby zone.” I operate from the revelation zone, my mom operates from the baby zone.

Previously Kerr has shared an unbiblical tale of witchcraft and false theology by claiming that when babies die in miscarriage, sometimes God “puts them back” in the womb, up to five times for five miscarriages.

In this case, Kerr’s mom is almost like a middleman man between God and the mother, a “coyote” ferrying/smuggling babies back and forth from heaven to earth, crossing the border of the cervix walls and trying to avoid the demons of miscarriage.

We look forward to next week where our coverage will go back to slightly less bizarre topics, such as her recent claims that her deceased brother lives in a mansion in a part of heaven called “Christmastown,” a Jackskelletonian antithesis to “Halloween Town.” This is neighborhood is holiday-themed and is decked out in Christmas ornaments and gingerbread men and snow falling 24-7, and where he regularly gets visits from the real Santa Claus.


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