Kyle J. Howard, and why His Black Church Can Burn to the Ground for all we Care

Kyle J Howard is fit to be tied over last night debate between Georgia Senate Candidates Kelly Loeffler and the Reverend Ralph Warnock.

It was expected of course. After any interaction between a white person and a black person, we can always expect Howard to be triggered and come up with a not-hot take about why “everyone white was racists.” That’s his schtick. In fact, it’s so predictable that we made these cards so anyone can follow along whenever some big event happens:

So that’s all well and good. He’s pretty much at the point where he’s calling the Sun “racist” for getting rid of the night, and so that’s all par for the course.

What is newer, but not wholly unprecedented, is Kyle giving the warm right hand of fellowship to heretics and lauding any old heretical denomination as representative of “The Black Church.”

Here’s the thing. Raphael Warnock oversees the 6,000-member Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. The church is associated with the thoroughly apostate Progressive National Baptist Convention. The wrong-Rev. Warnock is also committed to abortion like you would not believe.

We don’t mean that the discombobulate democrat politician is “personally pro-life” but “politically-pro-choice.” No, he’s personally and privately a pro-death, “chop-up-those-babies-into-little-bits” kinda guy.

He’s gone on the record of saying that abortion is “consistent with Christianity’ and he’ll fight and do all he can to keep it legal.

In fact, Warnock has already been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, an endorsement that he proudly touts.

Not only that, but Warnock and his Church are LGBTQ+-inclusive with Warnock saying during an interview:

I don’t believe that there’s any such thing as equal rights for some. And so my journey on embracing fully members of the LGBTQ+ community and the issues that you bring to the table [is] part of my continuing trek to try to be a better leader and a better person.

I think that there are bigots who are people of faith, and there are bigots who are not people of faith, and all of us have to be full-throated in opposition to bigotry. You can’t simply be committed to not saying things that are homophobic or transphobic. In the same way that we ask white people to be anti-racist and not just acknowledging it, we have to be full-throated in standing up against bigotry.”

By all accounts for Howard, this man is a brother, a man of faith, and represents “The Black Church.” If that’s the case, the Lord can burn it down for all we care. In fact, we are not merely passive participants in our well-wishes.

We actively and aggressively petition God that if Warnock and his church represent “The Black Church” then we will cry out our knees until they are torn up and bloodied that the Lord wipes “The Black Church” and the false gospel and false theology it has been propagating from the face of this earth until all that remains is a smoldering heap of ash and ruin.

Thankfully, there is a “black church” that is faithful, and these are black Christians who are participants in their local church, no matter where that is and what the melanin makeup of its members is. That’s the real black church. But it’s not even the “black church.” It’s just “church.”

The heretical apostate, anti-christ Warnock doesn’t represent Christianity. He’s a devil, and his church is hell with nary a sheep to be found.

If Howard disagrees, and can’t see it, then he is too.


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7 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard, and why His Black Church Can Burn to the Ground for all we Care

  1. What is a “Black church” anyway ?????? ……………….. Oh, that’s right, in clown world it can be anything you want it to be.

  2. I thought Jesus said to repent, forgive, love your neighbor. I’m learning that’s for white people to atone for the sins of their ancestors.
    For black people he evidently said to covet and steal, you deserve it.
    So many hermeneutics I didn’t know.

  3. Amazing to me how the biggest racists are the ones who are loudly proclaiming that someone else is the racist. Talk about calling the kettle black. Oh, wait, can we say that now?

  4. In the first place, does Warnock, in particular, deserve to be called “reverend” since there’s nothing about him that deserves to be revered as only God does as I can’t see why that title is used for any pastor, which should be the correct title, then again this charlatan isn’t even tending to his sheep.

    The other thing is that if we so-called “white folks” would really look at our skin we would notice that we are brown people as well as any amount of melanin in your skin turns it brownish, even if sometimes very light.

    The point is is that we are all “people of color” and ought to take advantage of that designation as our darker brown relatives do. You see the only true “white” people are those referred to as albinos and they are almost always in the so-called black community, aren’t they? So go figure. Then again I’ve seen some sun-starved, Scottish folks which challenge this contention.

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