Charismatic Prophetess Kat Kerr: ‘God and the Angels Call Biden ‘Sleepy Joe’ Too’

When charismatic “prophetess” and Dr. Michael Brown-approved seer Kat Kerr isn’t commanding 100 million angels to guard the RNC, or making a fool of herself when she tries to control the weather, she making daily trips up to heaven, claiming to have gone up and visited heaven thousands of times, to the point she has lost count.

Such a celebrated celestial tourist has naturally made other charismatics inquisitive about what the afterlife is like, what Jesus, God and the angels are up to, and what sort of mystical revelations she’s been given to bring back to the mere mortals on earth.

It was on this occasion that interviewer Steve Shultz, who oversees a litany of crazy-as-a-rat-in-a-coffee-can malcontent prophets at the Elijah List, (whom incidentally, not a one predicted the pandemic) asked Kerr whether or not God is shocked or disappointed when Trump does something bad.

Absolutely not. He knows exactly who he’s going to pick and you all know none of us are perfect. Is that correct? But he chooses. You know God’s seen the beginning and the end, and he knows exactly who he needs to do those jobs.

After letting us in on a prophetic word that President Trump will win a second term and then after he wins Vice President Pence will run and secure another 8 years, she gives some insider baseball on the nature of those rascally and rapscallion angels, letting us know that heaven is essentially one big MAGA rally.

“God likes bold personalities and I can tell you this: passionate people, that means they’re expressive, they’re fierce about what they believe in, and sometimes those people maybe go over a line we don’t like, but he’s not shocking God at all. That means it’s not necessarily okay, but you get it with the package, ok? And he is definitely accomplishing everything God wants.”

“And Actually, this is hilarious, the angels sometimes will repeat the very things that Trump say. Like they call him ‘Sleepy Joe.’ When God had me prophesying up in Colorado, he actually said these words, ‘Why would you pick a villain for a president when I have already sent you a superhero?’ That would be Trump.”

Lest anyone think that prophtess Kerr is suffering from altituide sickness from her many heavenly voyages, she is not on the fringes of continuationism and charasmaticism, but rather is in the mainstream and represents the center.


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2 thoughts on “Charismatic Prophetess Kat Kerr: ‘God and the Angels Call Biden ‘Sleepy Joe’ Too’

  1. Like many of today’s ‘prophetic voices,’ this woman is little more than a narcissistic opportunist who profits off the naive and undiscerning Christian.

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