Charismatic Prophetess Says God took Moses Time Traveling When he ‘Hid in Cleft of Rock’

When Kat Kerr, our favorite pink-haired charismatic meme-bot and ‘Dr. Michael Brown-approved prophetess isn’t weaving an unbiblical tale of witchcraft and false theology by claiming that when babies die in miscarriage, sometimes God “puts them back” in the womb that St. Patrick’s mansion is surrounded by giant singing shamrocks, or that heaven is full of 20ft Sasquatch Warriors, ‘Fairies,’ and unicorns, she’s explaining that when Moses hid in the cleft of the Rock as God passed him by, he actually went on a time-traveling adventure.

I do know this, that when God put Moses in the cleft of the rock, God himself put Moses inside him. The cleft of the rock was inside God and all of time is shown in there. God’s been from the beginning to the end, the end of the beginning, it’s all inside him.

So when he hid Moses in there, Moses saw time begin. He saw the garden of Eden, (Shultz “Wow!”) He saw Adam and Eve, he saw that he would not have known about any of that. And so he said “as I pass by, when time passes by..I will show you the “hinder parts”. Those are the exact words. (Shultz “oooh, that’s what that means)”

The “hinder parts” wasn’t God talking about his back, the hinder parts were the parts of time that had gone before them. He showed Moses time before that time, and that’s how Moses knew about Adam End eve and all that stuff. So that was a whole different encounter that Moses had with God.

Steve Shultz joined in with the rest of the 100k viewers who watched this video on YouTube alone, praising Kat and thanking her for this fresh revelation and new insight into the scriptures.

Yeah. Wow okay, awesome. That’s…I never heard that explanation, that the hinder parts means ‘in history’ basically. Awesome! I always wondered where Moses got his revelation about the garden of Eden. That’s what you’re saying, that’s where it happened because he wrote those books. Okay.”


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2 thoughts on “Charismatic Prophetess Says God took Moses Time Traveling When he ‘Hid in Cleft of Rock’

  1. Yeah! Wow, okay, awesome! Awsome! Okay!
    I think when she came out of time warp, she crashed her DeLorean into the ditch.

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