Podcast: Protestia Responds to Jason Whitlock

On this episode of Protestia Tonight for May 21, 2024, we delve into the concerns with Jason Whitlock’s “Roll Call 2.0” Conference, including commentary from Jason’s show by Spencer Smith, Virgil Walker, and Anthony Walker. In the PT VIP, we show perhaps the clearest demonstration of the SBC’s woman pastor problem.

In the wake of our article revealing our concerns with Jason Whitlock’s “Christian” conference including notable Mormon Glenn Beck alongside Voddie Bacham and Skillet’s John Cooper, Whitlock reportedly was confronted by several trusted friends and lashed out at Protestia for exposing the 1 Corinthians 5 problems with “Roll Call 2.0.”

In his May 15th subscriber-only discussion on the Blaze, Whitlock enlisted Spencer Smith, Virgil Walker, Anthony Walker, and Kevin Donahue to challenge him on the issues Protestia raised. Listen to our detailed response here:

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