Disturbing New ‘Christian’ Conference Features Voddie Baucham, John Cooper (of Skillet) and…. Mormon Glenn Beck!!?

A highly disturbing new conference has emerged, featuring Jason Whitlock, John Rich, Voddie Baucham, Skillet’s John Cooper and Mormon Glenn Beck????!

According to the promo material, Fearless Army: Roll Call 2.0 is a “gathering, celebration, and encouragement of men to put on the full armor of God to take a stand against the evil forces destroying American culture.(Ephesians)” insisting that “it’s important that men not give up meeting together and encouraging one another toward love and good deeds. (Hebrews 10:24-25)”

The conference is being put on because “Jason Whitlock and John Rich “believe the best way to close the divides tearing America apart is to bring men together under the umbrella of worship, reverence, and song honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” and the conference is “designed to inspire men to put aside superficial differences and serve our shared Creator.”

Hell no.

That might be possible if noted Mormon Glenn Beck wasn’t speaking and teaching. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? What does light have with polytheist cultists?

For a brief overview of the Mormon views on Jesus and other things, they believe that Jesus was once a regular sinful man who became exalted and turned into a God after doing many good deeds. ‘God the Father’ himself was also once a man on another planet, but because he likewise was such a good Mormon, he was granted the right to become a God over this earth. They believe that they too can become capital ‘G’ Gods of their own planet one day, and in fact, hold that there are millions of Gods. For them, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all and individual separate Gods, and they all have human bodies of flesh- they are not Spirits.

Mormons categorically deny the idea of salvation by grace alone and believe Jesus and Lucifer are ‘spirit brothers.’ They believe the scriptures we have are all corrupted and that’s why they have the new revelation of Joseph Smith.

So long as Glenn Beck is speaking, we would implore John and Voddie to back out immediately, as no one should be going to this conference. In fact, even if Beck backs out, the fact that conference organizers invited him in the first place demonstrates they don’t understand the gospel, and we would not trust them to convey any spiritual truth worth knowing. 

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12 thoughts on “Disturbing New ‘Christian’ Conference Features Voddie Baucham, John Cooper (of Skillet) and…. Mormon Glenn Beck!!?

  1. Back in the day, the mormons had Ravi Zacherias over at their general conference as one of the preachers. So occasionally these type of things happen. (yes this was before all the scandals) At a conference letting another leader speak about topics that don’t divide is not necessarily wrong especially when there are politics involved and speech about American culture as a whole. Beck is certainly not going to start in on Mormon doctrine as the previous poster pointed out.

  2. “Hell no”?!? C’mon, you guys are better than this. Third commandment and all that. Don’t even try the dodge that Mormon doctrine is hellish so what you wrote is OK. That’s not at all how it was delivered.

    This whole article is not your best work.

    1. “Third commandment and all that.” What does the 3rd commandment have to do with the writing of the article?

  3. “…the best way to close the divides tearing apart America is to bring men together under the umbrella of worship, reverence, and song honoring our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Which Jesus? If this were a political event, Glenn Beck speaking would be fine. But given its stated purpose, would you also have a Hindu or Buddhist speak to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? They are as “Christian” as a Mormon. At best this is foolish, at worst an abomination and denial of Christ and the Gospel. Certainly not “much ado about nothing.” “What fellowship have light and darkness?” The nation is already under God’s chastening–this is asking for more.

  4. conferences didn’t hold back the fall of Rome. they won’t put a brake on the fall of America, either. might as well bring Jim Carrey and Bill Maher to the stage.

  5. What’s also troubling is Whitlock‘s lack of discernment and past promotion of heretics like Mike Todd and Tony Evans. He’s not mentioned them lately so maybe he’s repented of that or someone on his staff or a guest has exposed the false teaching of those two guys.

    I know Virgil Walker, a periodic guest on “fearless” over the last couple of years or so, had enlightened him about Martin Luther King so Whitlock took down his picture from his studio wall and replaced it Frederick Douglas and/or Booker T. Washington. That said, I worry about Walker as he has endorsed Evans‘ latest book.

    Lastly, Whitlock never mentions where he worships or belongs in Nashville where he lives now so it makes me wonder if he just attends church online, which is ridiculous for a Christian, unless seriously ill or disabled. I know he used to regarding Mike Todd‘s “worship services,“ from Tulsa, Oklahoma, if you can call them that.

  6. One of the greatest misleading articles I’ve ever read about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may want to get your facts straight before you go around spewing falsehoods. Those who have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” can find out the truth for themselves.

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