‘KatKerrified Gap Theory?’ Charismatic Prophetess Explains How God Destroyed Earth TWICE+ 1000ft Flowers

When Kat Kerr, our favorite pink-haired charismatic meme-bot and “Dr. Michael Brown-approved prophetess” isn’t weaving an unbiblical tale of witchcraft and false theology by claiming that she has a picture of thousands of lioned-faced angels frog-marching chained demons across the sky in order to go to heaven for judgment, or she’s talking about how heaven is filled with giant 20ft sasquatches, unicorns, 200ft high cryptids, and other fantastical creatures- the result of visiting heaven “thousands of times,” she’s explaining that we’re living in the second earth, as there was a previous earth that God also destroyed with a worldwide flood. (No, another flood)

Kerr, speaking to chief-enabler and ‘woooooow-er’ Steve Shultz on the Episode 31 of Wednesdays with Kat and Steve! explains that Dinosaurs did not live at the same time as Adam and Eve., at the behest of his question.

(The Bible) doesn’t mention the dinosaurs, but that was a new time on the earth. You have to understand people, there was a whole different time. The dinosaurs were here before the Ice Age came.

The dinosaurs existed when he made the earth the first time. There’s ‘in the beginning’, okay? God created the heavens and the earth. That was the beginning of time. There was a time on the earth where there wasn’t time being kept track of. When God made the earth the first time, he didn’t have the sun or the moon. And you need to understand verse one, verse two, there’s so much time in between that, the dinosaurs are some of the first things he put here. He he had 200 foot flowers, and trees that were 1000 feet high when he made the earth the first time and he put a water vapor shield around it because I happen to know reptiles cannot live outside the water. okay?

So this is some time of bizzare katkerrified-version of the gap theory. She recounts that God put ‘watcher angles’ with the dinosaurs to care for them, with his glory being the lightsource that lit the earth, explaning that “there was no rain at that time, so God created the water vapor shield to put a mist all the time, the sky was almost like a ‘rosy pinky peach color.’ The dinosaurs lived in harmony, no one killing each other and living that way for millions of years.

But then satan was kicked out of heaven and made his way down to the earth where that devil “began to make the earth a wilderness, and God turned the light out. “

What light did he turn out? “His glory. And then God flooded the earth with water, then he froze it” creating the ice age. It was only after that ice age did humans come on the scene with the creation of Adam and Eve

What is wrong? What is wrong with the earth? Okay, it’s hidden underwater, the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the deep, he began to separate the water off of the earth, and then the sky off of the earth. He had to put it all back in order. If you go back and read those verses in Genesis, and then you begin to see that he restored things. He replenished things.

He has said that to the animals to replenish the earth when he made all the animals. So the dinosaurs, the only ones I’ve seen are in heaven. The whole place where they roam, they’re friendly in heaven, but we’re talking about many different changes on the earth that has happened. The land masses were split back at that time, the earth used to have one big landmass. And so anyway, that explains about the dinosaur. Yeah.

Keep in mind that Kerr did that all in one take. If nothing else, she is a great improversationalist.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Pastor Ed Litton and published at Protestia.com


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