Ed Litton Tells a Stinking, Steaming, Disgustingly Fetid Lie to the Media in New Interview

Embattled Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton has quadrupled down on his lies and deceit regarding what has become one of the biggest plagiarism scandals in Christian history, telling WKRG News in a new interview that he has no idea who is making the claims against him, and that “it’s coming from unnamed sources.”

Our sister site Reformation Charlotte, led by Jeff Maples, first reported the falsehood showing Litton having the following exchange with Bill Riales:

Riales: “Where did those charges [of plagiarism] come from. Do you know?”

Litton: “No. They’re unnamed. That’s part of the problem, right. So unnamed sources are presenting these things which should make everybody take a pause.”

First of all, even if they were unnamed sources, the fact that he was clearly captured on video plagiarising the sermons makes naming the specific person irrelevant. Who cares?!

If someone captured a video of Ed Litton doing lines of coke behind the NAMB booths at SBC21 and posted it to Instagram, would not knowing who uploaded it make Litton any less culpable?

But that’s all moot because the sources aren’t unnamed.  Reformation CharlotteCapstone Report and Protestia have all reported on it, breaking stories in the process. Heck, We’ll even throw Gabe Hughes in the mix as someone who first shared our content and put a few eyes on it in some of the more respectable places we dare not fear to tread.

And what did we supply the world with? Videos. Witnesses. Stone-cold irrefutable proof. And along with that ten of thousands of eyeballs watching the videos and reading the side by sides and quickly surmising that Ed Litton has done something really, really bad.

Unnamed sources?! It’s almost like they are daring us to call Redemption Church over and over at 1 251-679-3266 to kindly ask the receptionist to pass on a message for Pastor Litton, enlightening him on who these “unnamed sources’ are, in order to bring clarity to his universe.

Justin Peters, responding to Maple’s YouTube video, elucidated this even further:

One writer points out that Litton has now quadrupled down on his obstreperous claims, documenting the history of his dark heart’s unrepentant attitude towards what has now been discovered to be at least 8 sermons, going back to 2015.

Though initially there had been some hope that Litton might humbly accept the correction like a man and act accordingly, his ongoing behavior demonstrates unreservedly that he does not have the wisdom, temperament, or sanctification needed to lead the Southern Baptist Convention, nor seemingly the sanctification, discipline, and self-control required to rule himself.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Pastor Ed Litton and published at Protestia.com

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3 thoughts on “Ed Litton Tells a Stinking, Steaming, Disgustingly Fetid Lie to the Media in New Interview

  1. What a mess. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to get very far with your protest because so many pastors do the same thing. Besides the fact that the Elitists are going to hold on no matter what, there are so many pastors who are using and preaching other men’s sermons. Routinely. Check out sermoncentral.com. I was just looking at one preacher whose sermons have been viewed more than 10 and 20 thousand times, one sermon 39,000+ times. He’s not a famous person, either. I was just checking to see how many views he’s had recently since I know a pastor who used a series this fellow did – almost word for word. I could bookmark his next sermon before the church’s bulletin was published. He just changed up a few illustrations sometimes and used a personal story. The director of missions says it’s not so bad to check out other sermons to get an idea to get a sermon started, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening, huh. . . . . . . . . Personally, I think there are too many guys who’ve gotten into the ministry who were never called. A preacher who is called will learn to preach. He’ll be a student of the Word. He WILL have something good to say. And he won’t get it out of commentaries or off the internet. My husband has been preaching for forty years, and he hasn’t run dry. He works through the text verse by verse. He uses appropriate illustrations when they will really help make a point, but he doesn’t tell story after story. You wouldn’t believe how many people tell him they’ve never heard anyone preach like that. Makes me wonder what they’ve been hearing!

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