Must See! Pastor Rips up his SBC Degree on Air in Response to Plagiarism Scandal

With nearly all SBC seminary presidents continuing to remain mute on the widespread, egregious sermon stealing and plagiarism engaged in by newly-elected president Ed Litton, JD Hall reached out on Twitter to Rhyne Putman, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Williams Baptist University to ask the school’s position on plagiarism as it relates to JD’s undergraduate degree in Christian ministry.

JD continued to reach out and follow up.

Apparently, such a serious (and obvious) question did not merit a response, and the issue was discussed on the July 6th episode of Polemics Report, where JD ripped up his (apparently now worthless) SBC degree on the air:

If Southern Baptist schools can’t even announce what actions would be taken against someone who plagiarized the work used to earn a diploma, they have lost all ethical and moral credibility and have done irreparable harm to students who trusted that they were earning a reputable degree.

Editorโ€™s Note. This article was written by Pastor Ed Litton and published at

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8 thoughts on “Must See! Pastor Rips up his SBC Degree on Air in Response to Plagiarism Scandal

  1. I am sorry to say that I disagree with that action. Ripping up a degree is mere drama and proves nothing. In the 40+ years we graduated from our bible school, booth it and us have changed. We do not see eye to eye but we would never rip up our degree. The college may not mean anything but the accomplishment does

    1. What do you mean “see eye to eye.” This issue is not a difference of opinion. It is about intellectual theft–a crime which used to be punished by expulsion for the institution of higher learning. Now you want to treat it as a difference of opinion. Somehow, I don’t think Yeshua would agree.

  2. The diploma is yours, earned with integrity, sweat, and hard work. Tear up the contract of the seminary presidents; now that will would be the right action

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