Never Forget: Bethel’s Chief Prophet Praises Pope ‘You’re My Hero’

We’re a couple of days off, but we wanted to note that it was nearly 5 years ago to this day that Kris Valloton, Co-founder of the School of the Prophets and Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church went to Rome and took a picture of Pope Francis, lavishing effusive praise on him, declaring how much he loved him, and telling him “you have become one of my heroes.”

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At the time Vallotton received some pushback for his remarks, but dismissed them all and doubled down, writing in a statement:

“This week I had the privilege of meeting with Pope Francis. It was probably one of the highlights of my life. He was funny, warm and very spiritual...We spent about two hours asking him questions about whatever was on our hearts. His opening comments blessed me. He said, “We must invite the prophets back into the church and welcome them with open arms….He made it clear that theology shouldn’t divide us.

Pope Francis went on to share about his relationship with the Holy Spirit and indicated that he had experienced the baptism in the Spirit. (I don’t think he used those exact words but that was clearly the connotation I left with).

I admit that I was slightly ignorant because I was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge of the Bible…..As our time came to a close, we held hands to pray for one another. Then we gathered to pray for him and he for us…. The guy is incredibly humble, touchable, and comfortable in his own skin

In Acts 2, Peter made it clear that in the last days God would pour His Spirit out on EVERYONE! Is it possible that on this 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation that God would take the two and make them one again?
I mean, could God have raised up Pope Francis with a spirit of reconciliation to tear down the walls of mistrust and unforgiveness that have been erected over five centuries between brothers?…Pope Francis once again is raising the same cry for reconciliation, and it feels like the walls of hatred and disunity are finally falling down…

Pope Francis, thank you for having the guts to brave the religious system, and reach beyond the borders of tradition to love a group of people, some of whom refuse to love you back. God bless you! You have become one of my heroes.”

As they say, “like recognizes like” and the fact that a pawn of the antichrist in Protestantism would express his growing affections with the seat of the antichrist in Rome ought to surprise no one.

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5 thoughts on “Never Forget: Bethel’s Chief Prophet Praises Pope ‘You’re My Hero’

  1. This makes sense. If you really stop to think about it, Catholics and charismatics have many of the same beliefs, they just express them differently. I saw the other article on grave soaking and that made me think of how Catholics will bow down or lay in front of statues of their saints, and pray to them. Catholics very much accept that Mary visits people and gives them prophetic messages. So like charismatics Catholics believe in ongoing revelation. And the messages are often misleading to say the least. They both pray to the dead and put a lot of stock in that, they can occasionally receive messages from the dead, they both claim to exorcise demons, are big on “signs and wonders,” anointings, magic tricks. When you think about it Catholics and charismatics have both gone off the rails due to disbelief in sola scriptura, it’s just come out in different ways.

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