Bethel Alum Claims Jesus Gave Her a Ring & Asked Her to Marry Him

But who did He get the blessing from? Her Dad? Hunh?

Evangelist and revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley has made some unusual claims; chiefly that Jesus Christ appeared to her in person and proposed to her- with a ring and everything- leaving many wondering- is the Lord of glory off the market?

Lindy is a South African who said she came to the Lord at a Reinhard Bonkey revival. After some time she traveled to America and headed down to Bethel Church in Redding, California where she attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry under the tutelage of chief prophet Kris Valloton and Bill Johnson, whom she really, really loves.

We’ve mentioned him a few times, as Valloton claimed Michael the Archangel Dresses in ‘Wrestling Tights,’ and is ‘always Grumpy’, had to eat crow and Apologize for False Trump Victory Prophecy where he predicted victory ” and really showed how discerning he was when he praised Pope Francis, telling him ‘You’re My Hero.

After graduating from BSSM she formed ‘Beautiful Witness Ministries’, with her bio reading that she “walks in the office of an evangelist and moves in a strong healing and prophetic gift. She also carries a ‘regional breaker anointing.'”

Basically, she’s charismatic that goes around to countries burned over by the prosperity gospel, teaching her interpretation of the bible, putting on healing crusades, curing AIDS and regrowing lost limbs, and teaching people how to operate in the supernatural, which is basically just psychosomatic demonology.

She is also full of fanciful tales, explaining:

Hi guys, it’s me Lindy-Anne here from the healing rooms in Redding California. Bethel church has just emptied out this place it was packed with people coming to seek to God for their miracle and so many wonderful testimonies and miracles manifested. And just as I’m leaving, as someone comes up to me with an anonymous donation or gift from someone.. and they gave me this.

Whoa! And actually earlier I was looking at this, because if you’ve ever seen the Beautiful Witness crest , there’s a diamond at the bottom. And it reminded me of when Jesus walked into my room with a ring in his hand and he said “Lindy-Ann, will you marry me?” And I just wanted to bless you guys.

This echoes something on her website, where she writes as part of her conversion story:

Right. Anyways. Not for nothing, but we remember those Bethel healing rooms quite well, mainly because Bethel shut down these very same healing houses during the pandemic, along with the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, on account of the novel coronavirus.

Furthermore, in October, Bethel and their school had so many cases linked back to outbreaks at the school and church – none of which were healed by all those gifted apostles and faith-healers who operate from the 10,000 member megachurch – that it caused their county of over 175,000 people to go into lockdown mode. This was a direct result of how many COVID-19 cases were arising, prompting the Chief Executive Officer for the Shasta Community Health Center to call out Bill and Beni Johnson by name.

Here is a discernment crumb: ‘healing houses’ that shut down when people need healing the most, for fear of catching a sickness or illness during the bad times, should not be frequented or given patronage during the good times.

Here’s another one. Jesus doesn’t walk into the rooms of young women with a ring with the intent to propose to them, and the theoerosism that says otherwise is heresy. We’re not Ann Voskamp, and we can’t all make love to Jesus.

h/t to the Facebook page ‘Famine in the land’

4 thoughts on “Bethel Alum Claims Jesus Gave Her a Ring & Asked Her to Marry Him

  1. Hey Staff Writer, if while exposing the heresy of people like Hopley, you fail to sanctify the Lord and His holy name, does that not make you worse than they are? You are not deceived as they are, you clearly see their error, and so with greater understanding and light you ought all the more to reverence the Lord and handle His name aright. You should know better! But instead, in spite of your intellectual advantage, your words pour contempt upon Him, because you fail to treat Him as holy, making a difference between Him and everything else. You had no problem using Him as the butt end of your jokes (making such completely unnecessary jokes like how He’s “off the market” and other similar references). There are all sorts of things in this created universe that we are free to use as the butt end of our jokes, but not the Lord of glory. He is holy, He is completely other. He has warned that He will not leave unpunished those who profane His holy name. You stand in need of repentance, just as much, if not more, than people like Hopley. She’s profaned His holy name in her ignorance and deception; you’ve profaned it in your knowledge.

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