Only 4 Percent of Christian Parents Have a Biblical Worldview, Poll Finds: Children Are ‘Spiritually Disadvantaged’

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(Christian Headlines) Less than five percent of American parents who claim to be Christian possess a biblical worldview, new research out of Arizona Christian University found. The research also shows most parents today hold to a “syncretistic” belief system that blends multiple

The study, released Tuesday by the university’s Cultural Research Center, found that only 2 percent of all parents of pre-teens in the United States possess a biblical worldview. And although two-thirds of those parents are self-identified Christians, only 4 percent of that group holds to a biblical worldview.

The research involved interviews with parents of children under the age of 13. It was part of the center’s American Worldview Inventory for 2022.

“Every parent teaches what they know and models what they believe,” said George Barna, director of research at the Cultural Research Center. “They can only give what they have, and what they have to give reflects their driving beliefs about life and spirituality. Parents are not the only agents of influence on their children’s worldview, but they remain both a primary influence and a gatekeeper to other influences.”

More than 9 out of 10 parents have a “syncretistic” or blended worldview, meaning their beliefs are a mix of multiple worldviews where “no single life philosophy is dominant,” the study found. This produces “often self-contradictory” worldviews, the center said in an analysis.

“The typical American parent is either fully unaware that there is a worldview development process, or they are aware that their child is developing a worldview, but they do not take responsibility for a role in the process,” Barna said. “Or they are aware the child’s worldview is being developed, but choose or allow outsiders to accomplish that duty on the parent’s behalf.”

The research further found that “the younger the parent, the less likely they are to have a biblical worldview.”…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Michael Foust for Christian Headlines.

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  2. I am not surprised. I run across dens of vipers ie scoffers and mockers online every day that demonstrate these truths in this data. People are very intolerant of a 100% biblical worldview. I will use this write up to help me prove my point !

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