Bethel ‘Pastor’ Says Michael the Archangel Dresses in ‘Wrestling Tights,’ is ‘always Grumpy’

The charismatic ne’er-do-well prophet who faced public humiliation after publicly apologizing to Joe Biden and his followers for uttering a false prophecy about Trump’s election win, calling it a “major, major mistake” and taking “full responsibility for being wrong.” has a history of saying stupidly blasphemous things bound to make the charismatics cackle and cheer; this time by claiming that the angel Michael look like a giant Native-American man who wears wrestling tights and is always grumpy (another ‘prophets explains he was wearing tights because ‘we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, and darkness.’

Kris Vallotton, Co-founder of the School of the Prophets and Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church, who was seen being the spokesperson for Bethel Church in California after a surge of COVID cases at the School of Supernatural Ministry forced a county of nearly 200,000 people to go into lockdown, made the comments during a celebration for Prophet Bob Jones.

Valloton recounts that he was having nightmares for a week when all of a sudden he was woke up by a sound of an earthquake and his bed violently shaking. Looking up, realizing that nothing is actually shaking, but he’s caught in an angelic encounter. He explains:

“And there’s a man standing there. Like, I can see with my eyes. Like a really big guy. I’m laying on my back so I don’t know how tall he is- close to seven foot probably. And he’s got wrestling tights on. He’s got no shirt on.

He got no shirt on and he’s built like Arnold Schwarzenegger but about a foot wider. He’s got coal black hair. He looks like a Native American. He’s got deep black eyes, and he’s got his hands. He’s got his arms like this. And he stared at me like he’s really angry. He’s just staring at me. Like this. He doesn’t say a thing.

And I just say out loud that someone broke into my house. And he’s just looking at me like, ‘stupid’. And then I say to myself…this must be an angel. As soon as I say in my mind, this must be an angel right before my eyes he vaporizes.

So I called Bob Jones and I said ‘Hey Bob. I said I think I just saw an angel’ He goes goes ‘yup’.

He goes “did he look like an Indian?” He looked like an Indian. I go, ‘Yeah.’
He goes, ‘did he have coal black hair?’ I said, ‘Yeah’.
He goes ‘did he had wrestling tights on, and no shirt?’ I said, ‘Yeah’,
He goes, ‘was he in a bad mood?’… I said ‘yeah’,
He goes, Oh, that Michael he always in a bad mood.

h/t to Brother John Elving

Editor’s Note. When looking for the original video source for this, we saw that it was from 2014, and not current as we supposed but given that it is already written, we adapted it slightly for posterity. Here you go!

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14 thoughts on “Bethel ‘Pastor’ Says Michael the Archangel Dresses in ‘Wrestling Tights,’ is ‘always Grumpy’

  1. There’s really no comment to be made more than this: that’s not a church, they are not Christians, and he’s so full of crap that he floats.

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