Worship Duo Shane & Shane Silent After Being Beat Up for Partnering with Bethel Music

Famous worship duo Shane and Shane have so far remained silent after getting absolutely dragged following a July 5 announcement that they were performing a worship set with Bethel Church’s Brian and Jenn Johnson, with the overwhelming number of comments on their post deeply critical and negative of the joint venture.

So far there has not been any follow up or statement from the musicians about the post, which has 1100 sad face emoticons, 51 angry faces, and only 107 hearts.

Jenn Johnson is the senior worship ‘pastor’ at Bethel Church in Redding, California. The co-founder of Bethel Music and Bethel Music Worship School, she is also a musician, songwriter, singer, author, and speaker. We wrote about her last after she claimed that angels sit around the throne of God and have ‘farting contests‘ and claiming that Jesus has ‘Armpit Reflectors’ that bounce our worship off him and back to us.

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4 thoughts on “Worship Duo Shane & Shane Silent After Being Beat Up for Partnering with Bethel Music

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  2. Sad, just sad. I heard Shane and Shane in a very conservative church many years ago and thought they were aligned theologically. Sad to see them promote Bethel, a heterodox, almost heretical group.

  3. Seems like Shane and Shane are the wrong target. They obviously aren’t the promoters, Air1 is. They play Bethel’s stuff all the time. Air1 would lose probably 40% of their music library if they did what they ought and refused to play Bethel’s music.

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