Never Forget: Bethel Church Promoted Prophetic Uno Cards

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, led by Chief Prophet Kris Valloton under the watchful eye of Bill Johnson, is a place where all things ‘woo-woo’ tends happens and where they experiment with all sort of spiritual novelties, such as that time Bethel church kids went on a Satanic Treasure Hunt.

We don’t put much stock in the school as a whole, however, given that on multiple occasions Bethel Church Shuts Down their ‘School of Supernatural Ministry’ Due to COVID Fears, along with shutting down their ‘healing rooms’ but every now and then something surprises us.

In this case, as part of our ‘Wayback Wednesdays’ where we highlight sketchy spirituality of yesterday for our new readers, we wanted to call back to 2019, when Bethel jumped into the deep end of the divination card industry by peddling “Prophetic UNO cards.”

No joke.

The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry School Planting Facebook page included a description of “Prophetic UNO” which seems designed to teach the students there how to ‘prophecy’.

“Grab some UNO cards (a few of each color) and place them in the middle of the group. Have your students take turns going around in the circle turning over the next card. Follow the instructions (below) as to what to do with that particular card. This exercise is best with groups of 6-8 students.”

RED – you give a prophetic word to the person on your left about their financial situation.

GREEN – you give a prophetic word to the person on your right about their relationship with someone close to them

YELLOW – you choose who to give a prophetic word to in the group about their career/employment/job

DRAW 2 – give any 2 people in the group a prophetic word about their identity

WILD CARD – choose whether you give a prophetic word to someone about their destiny or choose someone to give you one about your destiny.

This is basically another form of Tarot, and it’s this occultism that is being taught to students and sent out to churches across the world.

3 thoughts on “Never Forget: Bethel Church Promoted Prophetic Uno Cards

  1. The evangelical majority in this nation is absolutely blasphemous. What we see everywhere is the result of Gods divine judgement. God is continuing to turn up the heat and soon his wrath will come into play. If you still use the word evangelical christian to identify yourself you are lumping yourself into the majority and not a fringe. I try to remember to say that I am a follower of Christ . I am reformed. When someone tells me that they are christian, I feel like I must ask questions to discern whether they are or not! I usually dont unless their unchristian beliefs will directly affect me or my family in a personal way. Too many times I have taken them at their word and come to discover that they are far from a biblically sound follower of Christ . Too many times a person tells me they are a christian so I jump the gun and start talking about Jesus and his word because thats what I like to talk about! When I get the deer in the headlights looks; I know I am looking at a dead “christian”. It happens almost everytime. God have mercy on our souls.

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  2. Strange. I thought giving a prophetic word depended on speaking in the Spirit, that is, the Spirit would have to give the words of encouragement or whatever. By definition unless this happens you cannot give a prophetic word to anyone. You can seek to prophesy, pray for the gift but if God doesn’t give it to you (or if what you are seeking is no longer available) then you can’t have it. You certainly could never switch it on like a tap.

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