Street Preacher Arrested at Gay Pride Parade For Preaching, Bible Ripped and Thrown in Porta-Potty

Street preacher Matthew Meinecke was arrested by Seattle police on Sunday and charged with obstruction because he failed to stop reading his Bible at a public park at the Seattle Gay Pride parade, causing multiple complaints and leading to his arrest.

Meinecke, who goes by ‘The Seattle Preacher’, said that he was peacefully reading from the book of Matthew, causing activist to harass him and scream and bark in his face. Eventually around ten police officers surrounded him and arrested him, with officers telling him:

Police: So at this point we can no longer stand by. The risk that you pose for public safety by remaining here can be mitigated if you leave, it’s your last chance…alright let’s (arrest him.)

Meinecke: I don’t want to leave because I’m not in danger.

Meinecke was taken to the police station, where he was fingerprinted and eventually released after he was able to post bond. Yesterday at his hearing, the Seattle City Attorney declined to file obstruction charges against him. This is the Pride Parade where grown men danced around naked in front of children, with Meinecke commenting that nude men were walking around not 200 feet from him, but because no one was complaining, law enforcement did not bother them.

During the same weekend, he also had parade-goers take his Bible from him and rip out pages from it, kicking it around before one girl tossed it into a porta-potty. The preacher called it a hate crime and lamented that they would never have done it with a Quran.

Meineke says he may request body cam footage and file a complaint .

12 thoughts on “Street Preacher Arrested at Gay Pride Parade For Preaching, Bible Ripped and Thrown in Porta-Potty

  1. This is where we are. It will increase because we are in the last hr of the last days. Satan is raging. His time is ticking down and he hates the truth because he is the father of lies and all evil. I was put in a time out today on twitter for writing this :
”Your sin is spiritual. Idk where you picked up the “chem” stuff but its ridiculous. You chose to be a sodomite despite knowing in your heart that it is unnatural . God did not create you to be a sodomite Your mental illness is a result of indoctrination in the schools. ”

    Which words do you suppose twitter deemed hateful speech? Was it sodomite or unnatural or spiritual sickness or God? Was it mental illness or indoctrination?

    To be honest the lockdown popped up when I was in the middle of adding to that. I was going to tell him that its now cool to be gay or trans or anything that gets you the desired attention you think you need to be happy. I was going to go into the gospel but didnt have the chance.

    Ive been on twitter only about 2 weeks. haha. Free speech is dead on Twitte well unless you are a flaming liberal sodomite!

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      1. Shouldn’t he regard this provoked ‘persecution’ as a blessing? (Matthew 5:10-11 )
        Shouldn’t he, instead of pressing charges, be inviting more ill treatment on the basis of Matt 5.38-39?
        Or don’t you Christians bother with this sort of stuff these days?

  2. This “street preacher” acted like a Christian Taliban and got shut down. Let’s hope this continues. Zero tolerance for religious bullies.

        1. If you stand with the Jewish people you will stand up for abortion rights and stand against Christian Taliban. We have our religious rights to abortion. Are you against this???

          1. I stand with preserving the country Israel and not protecting Jewish athiests so they can murder their offspring. You seem to be confused as to how God instructs his elect to stand with Israel.

  3. You are a nazi then and do NOT stand with the Jewish people. Jewish law supports abortion. You are a Christian Taliban. You oppress us just like the Nazis. You deny God’s law as taught to the rabbis. I’m reporting you.

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