Hillsong Students Blast Church After Worship Leader Who Molested Teen Girl Remains on Staff

Details of a letter sent to Hillsong Church by former classmates and friends of abuse victim Anna Crenshaw have been partially revealed; after an Australian news site got their hands on the missive.

By way of brief background, (See more here) several months ago student Anna Crenshaw’s shared her experiences and aftermath of being sexually assaulted by Hillsong worship leader Jason Mays during her 4 years at Hillsong College and Hillsong Church in Australia. She recounts how during a party:

Jason grabbed me, putting his hand between my legs and his head on my stomach and began kissing my stomach. I felt his arms and hands wrapped around my legs making contact with my inner thigh, butt and crotch…

Mays would later plead guilty to “assault with an act of indecency” in 2019. The sentenced carried two years of probation and mandatory counseling by the courts. Hillsong suspended Mays from ministry for one year but eventually welcomed him back, putting him in an administrative role in 2020 and having him sing on stage as a backup vocalist for church events.

His return to his old job, plus a dissatisfaction with the way Hillsong handled the abuse prompted Crenshaw to quit this past September. Following the story, Brian Houston responded on Twitter, calling the story ‘factually wrong’ and publicly revealing that Crenshaw was also sexually abused as a child at her father’s congregation, explaining that this made the abuse at his church all the more “sadder.

After widespread criticism for exposing the past sexual assault history of one of the victims who was also sexually molested at his own Church, Houston deleted the Tweet and issued an apology, explaining that “I foolishly included information that was wrong for me to share.”

The letter, written by members of the student body, was sent to Hillsong Church on April 13, 2021, a week after Crenshaw went public. It details how they were upset and disappointed that Mays was allowed to remain on staff following the incident and “back into a position of power and influence”. They write in part:

“Before Anna’s case became public, many current and past students shared experiences of mental and emotional abuse. We are so proud Anna has come forward…It appears Hillsong College has not provided adequate care to the victim of this crime….The college has not made it clear to their students what care pathways are available to them should such incidents occur. Additionally, it appears that existing pathways are not effectively structured and used.”

They further asked that anyone found guilty of this sort of crime should not remain on staff, continuing:

Such persons cannot serve in any leadership or platform positions within a Hillsong volunteer team in perpetuity. The care and comfort of the victim within the church community should be prioritised over that of the perpetrator…We pray that you can hear the heartbeat of a student body who is afraid that their institution does not care for them first in incidents of sexual assault.”

The church for their part defends its handling of the Mays case. They wrote a letter back to the aggrieved students, defending their actions as having gone above and beyond what had to be done in that situation, but quietly acknowledging, but that “Obviously, we have some areas that need to be addressed and improved.”


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6 thoughts on “Hillsong Students Blast Church After Worship Leader Who Molested Teen Girl Remains on Staff

  1. God have mercy on us all. “areas that need to be addressed and improved” – what an insulting joke.

    Use the feet that God gave you. Walk away and shake off the dust.

  2. I’m so sick of the “excuse” – “Obviously, we have some areas that need to be addressed and improved.” That excuse is why sexual abuse and molestations keep happening because they are swept under the rug. Do we really need to look back at the history of this with the catholic church to see what happens? I agree with Ben. People, stop sitting on your hands and keeping your mouths shut. Get up and walk away from the apostasy.

  3. …shared her experiences of being sexually assaulted by Hillsong worship leader Jason Mays…during a party…at the house of a “random guy”…where there was drinking…

    How many sexual assault stories start out with “during a party…”?

  4. One wonders why Facebook is deleting Protestia off its site while at the same time striking a deal with newly minted Atlantia Hillsong. Protestia / Pulpit and Pen has been one of the best sources of information on Hillsong online the whole time. They seem to be bearing some responsibility in covering up molestation by censorship.

    This isn’t unlike media matters with its founder David Brock, who went to all these online outlets to coverup comet pizza when information about all the pictures of paedophile solicitation that its owner had posted online – including pictures of an infant strapped to a table. David Brock was the gay ‘boyfriend’ of the comet pizza owner according to previous court documents.

    I’ve had it happen to myself on here when protestia used to run its comment section through facebook. Facebook deleted a post from me on the perversity of homosexuality – posted on here. I still have a copy of the notice.

    Never give up on getting the word out. The tech companies are just as involved in covering up these widespread molestation scandals as they have been all the other things they are known to be censoring and manipulating over.

    1. Well, yeah. That’s the point of the digital age, a new form and new medium of communication. It’s social engineering at it’s finest.

      What gives with all the church people needing everything to be fun and uplifting, like kid friendly and have all these social events and such.

      It’s why this happens. Just let church be boring with scripture and song.

      One immediately wonders who else is up to what else, when offenders are brought to light but not rescinded. Trust no one and walk away.

      Someone posted this on a working site and I was inspired. This really can help people understand why the same disappointing results come from the digital realm. Because that is how you are communicating, digitally. Face it, it’s time to delete twitter, facebook, all of it. Personally, I never subscribed in the first place. Unless I can have an anonymous login pass through like I’m using here with a mailinator handle, it’s no bueno and see you later. Bugmenot. Called it 20 years ago, this trend of incorporating everything to online will not end well.

      And what gives with not forcing this person to submission? If they have done wrong to a child, make them pay. Make the choice for them and tell them the choice is no longer in their hands. Tolerance is not working out very well either, you’d think people would learn by now.

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