See Them Here! A Smorgasborg of Plagiarized Sermons from SBC President Ed Litton

It’s never just one. Days after taking over 140 videos and sermons private amid allegations that he plagiarized a sermon from J.D Greear, newly elected Southern Baptist President has been exposed at having plagiarized at least three more sermons that we know of, with more being unearthed every day

Reformation Charlotte, a sister site to Protestia, broke the original plagiarized story, and since then has unearthed and collated at least two more sermons that Litton has plagiarized and passed off has his own, sermons from Romans 13 and 14. One anonymous uploader also joined the fray and created one on that he did on Romans 8 and Romans 1, showing that this is not just a few snippets of ideas here and there, but rather a purposeful, sustained practice of stealing J.D Greear’s stuff and passing it off as his own. He even plagiarized the prayers!

JD Greear “Now this is sort of a little uncouth, maybe spontaneous but if you right now, listening at one of our campuses in our church here, if you are employed by the government in any way, and I would include in that first-responders, law enforcement, of course, military, social workers, teachers, a representative, elected representative of some kind, or if you work for one of those people, if you work for the government, receive your paycheck from them, would you do us the honor at all of our campuses of just standing up right now? Just stand to your feet right now, wherever you are, if you work for the government. Right, remain standing put your hands together I wanted you to stand there. Stay standing okay? Stay remain standing.

Litton: If you’re at home, please, I understand you don’t have to stand up but at our west campus, if you serve the government, if you receive a paycheck from the government. Maybe you’re a public school teacher. Maybe you’re a police officer. Maybe you work in the tax department, the revenue department. Maybe you’re an agent of one of our law enforcement organizations, and so if you are, would you just stand up for a moment?

Greear: You think that many of our leaders are batty, and for good cause I might add, but Caligula who was Caesar around this time.

Litton: It was a roman emperor by the name of Caligula.

Greear: Caligula was unfit to keep a pet, let alone run an empire.

Litton: Now let me just say upfront he wasn’t worthy of having a pet, much less being an emperor.

Greear: let me just run you through a quick laundry list of Caligula’s greatest accomplishments. First thing he does when he’s in office when he becomes Caesar, he has his mom and brother killed to make sure that they don’t challenge his right to the throne. He openly committed incest with three of his sisters. He frequently would crossdress and go out in public. He installed his favorite horse Incitatus as a senator and then later promoted him to Proconsul.

Litton: He killed his mother and brother to gain his power. He openly lived in an incestuous relationship with his multiple sisters. He was a cross-dresser. He made, he literally made his horse a Roman senator.

Greear: I have to ask- what had the horse done as senator that earned him a promotion to Proconsul, right? I mean how do you even vote when you’re a horse in the senate? All in favor say “Aye”. Opposed? Wait for it- “Neeeigh”.

Litton: Can you imagine that? A horse? Every time the senate gathered a horse would walk in, it was the Emperor’s horse. When they voted he would say “neeeigh!”

And then more videos.

And a social media user, Jacob, created this video after the original Romans 1 news story was published.

Neither Greear not Litton have responded to this latest round of published sermon comparisons.

27 thoughts on “See Them Here! A Smorgasborg of Plagiarized Sermons from SBC President Ed Litton

  1. I think this whole vein of thought is ridiculous and a waste of time. He “plagerized”? If you’re preaching from the same text, especially from an expository perspective… it’s gonna be similar! There are just only so many takes on it if we are being true to the text.

    And… WHO CARES? If it isn’t heresy, if it’s sound doctrine, if people find it helpful… who even cares who said it first??? The Truth is going out. The Lord’s word will not return void.

    1. I think this whole train of thought is ridiculous and a waste of time. I “plagiarized”? If you’re commenting on the same article, especially from an impartial perspective… it’s going to be similar! There are only just so many takes on it if we are being true to the article.

      And… WHO CARES? If it isn’t libelous, if it’s my opinion, if people find it helpful… Who even cares who said it first??? Repetition is going out. How’s it feel Christina?

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