PCA General Assembly Offers Crushing Curb Stomp to Revoice, Bans ‘SSA Christians’ from the Pastorate

In a teeth-shattering, cartilage-crushing, skull-splintering blow to the satanic scourge that is Revoice, the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) voted at their 2021 the General Conference 1438-417 to adopt Overture 23, which states in full:

“Officers in the Presbyterian Church in America must be above reproach in their walk and Christlike in their character. Those who profess an identity (such as, but not limited to, ‘gay Christian,’ ‘same-sex attracted Christian,’ ‘homosexual Christian,’ or like terms) that undermines or contradicts their identity as new creations in Christ, either by denying the sinfulness of fallen desires (such as, but not limited to, same-sex attraction), or by denying the reality and hope of progressive sanctification, or by failing to pursue Spirit-empowered victory over their sinful temptations, inclinations, and actions are not qualified for ordained office.

In short, same-sex attractions in and of themselves are sinful, not just same-sex acts. Furthermore, any man who makes his sexuality part of his identity and affirms he’ll always struggle with same-sex attraction; denying the efficacy of a new heart upon one’s sexuality and denying that “such were some of you” is the normative expectation for Christians who are being sanctified by Christ, is not qualified to be Pastor.

It is a decisive win for critics of the denomination’s drift in recent years- faithful men and women who have been rattling their cages against Trojan Horse Schemes that were used to smuggle in liberalized language and postures used towards homosexuals and sodomites that is not found in the scriptures. These “creeper-in-unawarers” denied that sanctification in Christ means that one’s sexuality will be ultimately, inexorably be redeemed by him, but rather they said that all must adopt a “humble hermeneutic; while arguing that some people will always struggle with their lusts and that their struggles are not sin but in some way a gift to the church.

They also voted 1130-692 to affirm Overture 37, which reads in part about pastoral candidates: :

Careful attention must be given to his practical struggle against sinful actions, as well as to persistent sinful desires. The candidate must give clear testimony of reliance upon his union with Christ and the benefits thereof by the Holy Spirit, depending on this work of grace to make progress over sin… While imperfection will remain, he must not be known by reputation or self-profession according to his remaining sinfulness, but rather by the work of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus.




Nothing but a wrecked heap of asphalt, blood and bone.

Unlike Resolutions in the SBC, this becomes part of their Book of Church Order, making it binding on all churches within the denomination. In every way imaginable, this was a direct repudiation and maiming of Revoice mentality, and it happened right in the heart of St Louis, Missouri, where that usurping disturbed of the scriptures was birthed and allowed to flourish.

Well done, PCA. Now do Critical Race Theory next.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Pastor Ed Litton and published at Protestia.


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16 thoughts on “PCA General Assembly Offers Crushing Curb Stomp to Revoice, Bans ‘SSA Christians’ from the Pastorate

  1. Lol this is unenforceable. Haven’t you domestic terrorists learned you can’t vote for hate? A hateful homophobic vote will be ignored by the local churches and eventually overturned by a judge.Sorry haters. You can’t stop us from standing with 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

    1. You obviously understand little about the church’s sovereignty and what the courts can and cannot do. Local heretical churches can and will be expelled – that’s the way it works, in authentic, Christ-following churches, Johnny.
      insert tiny perversion/mental illness flags here

    2. What you falsely perceive as hate is not. It is the fear of and respect for God. And your false perception leads you to false accusation. You do not just falsely accuse Bible-believing Christians. You falsely accuse God of hate, because God says homosexuality is an abominable sin. His Word could not be more clear on the subject.

      It’s not about you. It’s about respecting God Almighty.

  2. I do wonder if this vote is in any way a backstop against and a reputation of potential influence that may arise from Russell Moore joining Ray Ortlund’s PCA church. Many may have seen an agenda about to be hatched with that move.

  3. While I am very thankful for this news, I find it “interesting” that any denomination can vote on God’s Word. Wonder what He thinks about it?

  4. Hardly a curb stomp. For one thing, the PCA is not a huge church body. Not even large enough for the general assembly to make the national news – or even, frankly, much local news. Nor is Revoice a PCA group. Sure a few people who belong to the PCA are involved but this is unlikely to change that at all since only one is a church leader and I suspect he and his church will probably leave the PCA anyway. So this is likely to have exactly zero effect on Revoice. But I would say the title does say a lot about the vindictiveness of the author that an irrelevant church body passed an irrelevant resolution cause him such visceral satisfaction that he uses a violent, brutal image to express his joy.

  5. Hardly a curb stomp, indeed. Rejoice, indeed, at the victory—but it’s also good to face unpleasant reality. This won’t be enforced by anyone who matters. By those numbers, 29% of the PCA’s voting elders refused to sign on. That’s over a quarter, and not far from a third of them. You may rest assured that those aren’t disorganized and scattered throughout the denomination: they’re demonically well organized, entrenched in strategic flagship churches and presbyteries, have access to effectively unlimited outside funding, and their PR is the finest the black arts of marketing psychology can conjure. They will defend their own, and bring out the tried-and-true guns of tHe nInTh CoMMaNdMeNt’ and ‘diViSivEnEsS’, which have a nearly-unblemished track record of success against Presbyterian conservatives, most of whom would feed their own mothers to fire ants before risking such accusations, let alone enduring them. When Big Anal’s friends at the New York Times come ringing the naysayers for hostile interviews, the opposition will evaporate just like it did when that happened in the 1930s. The piety of the ‘conservatives’, sincere I’m sure, didn’t protect them or their denomination when it was the PCUSA; is there some magic in dropping two letters?

    No, the smart money is that no one at all will be defrocked or excommunicated—or if anyone is, it’ll be just a token Charles Briggs, who will similarly be taken well care of by his allies afterwards. They’ll then stage a massive procedural and media counterattack, and *poof*, in more ways than one, heh. Mark it: ten years, and the PCA’ll have its Boba Fett logo rainbow-colored for Pride Month, with full ‘conservative’ support for not ‘marginalizing and otherizing’ the buttsecks, and the major debate will be over whether Redeemer Presbyterian’s tran-furry conference was a little too far or a desperately needed gospel outreach to the city’s unreached metapeople groups.

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