‘Revoice’ Founder Calls Own Denomination ‘Rampantly Homophobic’ for Rejecting LGBTQ Clergy

The leader of Revoice, the subversive organization bent on normalizing the strangefire notion that is “same-sex attracted Christians” while introducing new language and phrases like “sexual minorities” into the Christian lexicon, has taken to social media to weave a false narrative of outrage and distress, a manifestation of being butthurt after he and his kind were curb-stomped with cleats by the the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) General Assembly, who voted that everything he stands for and believes is wrong and will not be tolerated within the conservative Presbyterian denomination.

The PCA passed the first phase of Overture 23, which says that homosexual attraction, thoughts, and temptation are in and of themselves sinful and that any pastor that either identifies themselves as an “LGBTQ Christian” or who is embroiled in a continued struggle against homosexuality, is not fit for the pastorate and is disqualified from the ministry.

Yea and Amen!

This has led Nate Collins to lash out online, venting his frustrations at having to pick up his broken teeth and severed tongue off the hot asphalt—all the inroads he thought he and his organization made over the years washed away down the sewer by the cleansing rain of faithfully applied scripture.


Nonsense about oppressing “sexual minorities” and trying to co-opt racial language aside, Collins then went on to claim that his denomination is “rampantly homophobic” and was “silencing” said “minorities” on account of the General Assembly applying the equal rule to all men. Unable to contain himself, he also took a shot at the notion that “same-sex attraction” is “sinful” without explaining why being attracted to minors shouldn’t likewise be included in that list of acceptable exceptions.

Nothing about this of course is homophobic. At the very beginning of the General Conference, the Moderator was clear that he was going to be enforcing strict time limits, and as a result, many people’s mics were cut off. This happened more than once, and even Collins himself admits this was “by the book.” Furthermore, the man wasn’t “actually silenced” but rather he had his audio dimmed because he was being too long-winded; a plight suffered by more than one man. For Collins, who was scrambling to hide the blush over the stinging rebuke bestowed upon him, however, it might have been a personal slap in the face, and serves to demonstrate that it is not the facts that matter to him and the Revoice crowd, but rather the stories he can spin them into.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Pastor Ed Litton and published at Protestia.com.

6 thoughts on “‘Revoice’ Founder Calls Own Denomination ‘Rampantly Homophobic’ for Rejecting LGBTQ Clergy

    1. God says homosexual relations are an abomination. You are obviously breaking God’s law. Repent.

  1. Or maybe the moderator knew that people are actually interested in what an Asian American might have to say about the recent strange violence directed at them. Nobody cares what gays are going to say; everything every gay person can ever say, think, feel, or imagine is splashed all over social media all day everyday.

    The SBC ought to open their convention next year with the public reading of Romans 1 aloud by all present, not just the leader, instead of the Hillsong music. Or Leviticus 20. That would be kind of funny. Run ‘em off. Poof! Begone!

  2. Somebody should call the waaaambulance on this guy. Read your Bible, dude. Everyone struggles with some sort of sin. We don’t condone it or re-write Scripture to make us feel better about ourselves. That’s the essence of idolatry. Stand firm faithful, brothers and sister in Christ.

    “Behold, I am coming soon” (Rev. 22:12a).

  3. The LORD God has never and will never call a sodomite to the pulpit. These people do not desire the office for God’s glory but for their own.

  4. Whoops, dumb phone and dumb thumbs.

    I am 110% sure that there are people in Heaven right now who struggled with the sin of homosexuality through their earthly life, but there is not a single person in heaven who was ever ‘proud’ of their sin and there never will be.

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