JD Greear Admits to Purchasing Sermon Material to Make Himself “Look Good”

(Reformation Charlotte) In the midst of the exposure of the largest Evangelical plagiarism scandal in modern times, it has become increasingly clear that the vast majority of the leadership in the Evangelical world are frauds. From the newly-elected Southern Baptist president, Ed Litton, who has been criticized for his serial plagiarism of former president, JD Greear–dating back as far as 2013 from what we have discovered–to JD Greear himself, nothing could be more clear than that God’s judgment is on the Southern Baptist Convention.

Some astute watchdogs have uncovered that this scandal runs deep, far, and wide. In an interview with Jim Osman that was published last night, Justin Peters revealed that many Evangelical leaders have been purchasing sermons from a research group that prepares sermon materials for a wide range of Evangelical pastors regardless of doctrinal convictions. That research group is called Docent.

According to Docent’s website, the group “partners with pastors to provide research assistance to lighten their load and help them serve their churches more effectively, ” and will “assist with both sermon and sociological research, offering consultations with experienced ministry leaders, and producing curriculum.” Further, Docent will “carefully pair graduate-level researchers…

To continue reading all about JD Greear’s use of their service, click here.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Jeff Maples and published at Protestia.

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2 thoughts on “JD Greear Admits to Purchasing Sermon Material to Make Himself “Look Good”

  1. An interesting thing to know would be who founded and funds the Docent Group. Who are the anonymous sermon writers? With all the yack yack about female pastors lately it would be interesting to know how many women are writers of the sermons produced by Docent. What happens to all those young women who graduate from seminary? Are the ALL children’s pastors and worship team leaders somewhere?

  2. No one said preaching was easy, but if pastors are actually putting time into the word and studying the Bible throughout the week, they should have a problem with *too much* material, not too little material.

    But then again, most prominent pastors got their position because they said something Biblical once, gained a following, and now are doing everything they can to appeal to the world.

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