IKEA Features Series of Bisexual, Pansexual, and Lesbian Love Seats

In celebration of sexual perversion and all things LGBTQQIP2SAA , Ikea has launched the LOVE SEAT Campaign, a collection of love seats designed by LGBTQQIP2SAA artists that is inspired by the different Pride flags of their ‘community.’

Ikea says that the loveseats are a “platform to celebrate identity and share stories of love.”

Naturally, they are all ugly as sin.

Each seat shows the corresponding flag and then has a little vignette about the artist who created them.

One 2Spirited designed Scott, explains his inspiration:

I feel like I always knew I was 2Spirit. I am someone who carried masculine and feminine spirits with me, you know? I don’t think of myself as a human being. I think of myself as a sacred, spiritual blessing…. 2Spirit people have been here way before colonization, way before the LGBTQ acronym. It’s always been within our cultures and it’s important to we start to acknowledge that, and when we start to acknowledge that, that’s when we start to extinguish our harmful behaviors that we did in the past with colonization”

Mercifully, it doesn’t appear that these seats are available to be purchased (yet?) but it would be thoroughly unsurprising if they were. We can’t want to see which company gets on the virtue-twerking bandwagon next.

6 thoughts on “IKEA Features Series of Bisexual, Pansexual, and Lesbian Love Seats

  1. As if your overt sexual confusion/mental illness/deviancy (choose one or more) doesn’t make it plain enough, now your furniture will make sure your family and friends know just how screwed up you are 😛
    Let’s pray the upholstery is stain resistant…

  2. Hey Johnny, Ikea has your new living room ensemble in, and it’s fabulous!
    insert tiny perversion flags here

  3. Given that a person with good mechanical skills needs two weeks to assemble anything from IKEA, and that most of these from the male gender (I cannot call them “men”) likely lack that much in terms of skill, the stuff may still be in the box. Or scattered around their overpriced living quarters. But doubtful it is assembled.

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