Revoice Founder Nate Collins: Don’t Call Child Groomers ‘Perverts’

Nate Collins is the founder and president of the widely-condemned-by-conservatives Revoice Conference that once led sessions like “Queer theory and the treasures of queer culture and queer literature” and “What queer treasure, honor, and glory will be brought into the New Jerusalem at the end of time?” No stranger to controversy, for last year’s conference, they had a Roman Catholic Lesbian who Praised an X-Rated Gay BDSM Film as a keynote speaker, and she’s coming back again this year.

Collins describes himself as a “gay man in a mixed-orientation marriage,” did his dissertation at SBTS, arguing that “virgin” is a third gender in the scriptures, has a knack for liking gay art, made grotesquely unbiblical statements in Christianity Today, and called his denomination (the PCA) ‘rampantly homophobic ‘for decrying gay clergy. We wrote about him most recently after he insisted that Christians who signed the Nashville Statement on Sexual Ethics needed to repent of doing so. 

In a recent post, Collins took exception to a tweet by Andrew Walker, who rejoiced at the fact that Target had to call an emergency meeting to discuss and mitigate blowback and a potential boycott after they ‘targetted’ by conservatives for their unabashed pushing of PRIDE swag. Specifically, selling ‘tuck’ underwear for ‘tran’ kids that was designed by a self-professing Satanist.

Walker described the people pushing trans clothing as “perverts,” and Collins quickly cried foul, saying it’s a “stain on our Christian witness” to use such abhorrent language against “political enemies in LGBTQ-related matters.”

Alternatively, Collins is an effete coward who is too quick to tolerate folks whose agenda is to mutilate children and entrench child abuse into the fabric of society. In fact, it’s Collins’ perverted teaching on sexuality under the guise of Christianity that is the actual stain.

Collins later deleted this tweet. Not because of what he said but because people were exhibiting too much “disgust” towards LGBTQ folk. It’s also noteworthy that Walker wasn’t saying that all homosexuals are perverts, but rather anyone pushing the trans-ing of the kids. That he inserted LGBTQ people as the perverts into that discussion are also, as he would say…”revealing.”

Bonus Tweet:

9 thoughts on “Revoice Founder Nate Collins: Don’t Call Child Groomers ‘Perverts’

  1. Yes, by all means, let’s not call mentally ill/deviant individuals who are working tirelessly to draw our children into the LGBQ religion what they unquestionably are. World appeasing coward.

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  2. I agree that we need to be careful with our words. Speaking of which, he mislabeles them as political enemies. This is wrong on several levels. They (at least many/most of them) see biblical Christians as an evil enemy.

  3. Is a repentant thief proud that he was a thief? Does he say thieves are good? Does he praise the desire to steal? Does he chastise others for calling a thief a thief? Does he parade down the street cheering theft? If he does these things, is he truly repentant?

    What repentant sinner goes through life refusing to fully separate from sin, proudly identifying with sin, rejoicing in his sinful nature and that of others?

    It’s clear that Nate Collins’ idea of perversion is deviation from “normal” or how much something is not accepted and supported by mankind, rather than deviation from the standards of God. If such weren’t the case, he would not try to imply that it is dependent on time. God’s standards are the same in 2023 as they have always been, and always will be.

    All throughout scripture the unrighteous are identified as, by, and with their sin, inseparable from their sin. It doesn’t say “those who lie”, it says liars. It doesn’t say “those who commit homosexual acts”. It says homosexuals. It doesn’t say “those who murder”, it says murderers.

    “A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.” – Duet 22:5

    It says they themselves are an abomination. Not just their sin – them.

    The truth offends. The truth convicts. The truth calls mankind to full and complete repentance.

    The good news is that they do not have to remain inseparable from that sin.

    1. What’s cruel and not Christlike is to tell them they cannot change, that God cannot change them, that they will always be identified with and forever tied to their sin, and have no way of escape. That is cruel.

      It is not wrong to use discernment, observation, and time to ensure one is truly and completely repentant. But it is wrong for Christians to forever identify a truly repentant sinner by, as, and with their sin.

      The charge to us is to forget as God forgets. If they are truly repentant, and He has separated them from their sin as far as the east is from the west, then we should honor His judgment. There are many on the other “side” who can’t seem to make themselves utter the words “such were some of you”.

      We cannot follow half of the Gospel. We must follow it all.

      Those who refuse to honor God’s willingness to forget, and refuse to allow others, who truly and fully repent and turn from their sin, to escape from their sins against Him, are just as guilty of denying the power of the Gospel. As are those, who try to step into God’s place and try to forgive sins against the Lord to those who are not repentant.

      These too are perversions of God’s standards, and perversions of the Gospel.

      And much of it comes out of pseudo-science which says one cannot change. We’re taught the mess from an early age. Such is irreconcilable with the Gospel.

    2. It is also a perversion to repent and then to expect everyone else to immediately forget.

      God knows immediately whether or not the repentance is genuine. But the rest of us must judge by the fruit. Repentance is when the tree begins to sprout. But there is significant time before its fruits can be judged. We can’t immediately know as God immediately knows. Along the way we can observe the tree, do what we can to help it grow healthy, and have some idea of whether or not it is likely to bear good fruit, but we can’t know until it actually bears fruit.

      The Gospel, and the grace of God, are often perverted in many ways.

      But if we Christians do not allow them to escape, then it’s no surprise that they would believe they can’t escape, and to then conclude the way out of their imprisonment, without concern for eternal ramifications, would be for all of society to embrace and celebrate sin, such that no escape is required. Yet it’s not us who imprisons them. It’s their sin. God’s word will stand in condemnation of that sin for all of time, in this life and for eternity.

  4. My most recent pay test was for a 12-hour-per-week internet job for 9,500 dollars. For months, my sister’s friend has been making an average of 15,000, and she puts in about 20 hours every week. As soon as I gave it a try, I was shocked at how simple it was.
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  5. They’re not called “perverts” because they’re political enemies, they’re political enemies because they’re perverts. However, I have zero faith in any (current) political institution to stop this and believe that within the next 5 years this type of thing will be well rooted in all political groups.

    99% of anti-trans activity is nothing more than noise and fury signifying nothing. “Conservatives” can’t be bothered to take a stand against transgenderism for purely moral reasons, it’s never enough to say something is wrong simply because it’s wrong. If that were the case, nearly all the moral, societal, and natural arguments against transgenderism would be used against homosexuality and I see zero efforts being made to repeal the special protections of homosexuals or overturn same-sex marriage.

    If you pay attention to which anti-trans issues conservatives are willing to fight for, it always must be because it negatively affects women or children. Things like Target underwear, drag queen story time, and males in female sports is what it takes in order for conservatives to feel like they have license to actually oppose transgenderism. Outside of those issues there is very little said (much less being done) to oppose the steady encroachment of LGBT sin.

    1. Yes, and it is not merely “wrong” and “morally wrong,” it is supremely unloving and harmful to support this, and to not oppose it. It is “enabling” evil, and the destruction of countless individuals, and, eventually, society as a whole. All that, not to mention it horribly grieves God, and it puts people in the place of God.

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