Just Checking in on Kyle J. How- YEP HE’S STILL AT IT!

Kyle J. Howard, who was last seen explaining how worship music, especially “white evangelical worship” is traumatizing how SBTS is full of racists, and that ‘white supremacy’ is grouds for divorce, but only for white people, forcing us to create a parody cartoon video about him, has been in a rare form today, exorcising his trauma demons by having his Twitter feed cranking out a litany of race-baiting invectives that would have even Al Sharpton giving him the side look and slowly backing away, his hands making an “I’m not with this guy” motion.

In this case, he’s gone after the 4th of July and anyone calling black people woke, accusing them of calling them the n-bomb in their hearts.

We conclude with a few loose ends, with some sketch theology, and then explaining that he doesn’t want to tell people where he attends church, explaining that he doesn’t fully feel “safe” in his church, and that going on to justify why some are completely justified in not going to church, with the mere mention triggering them to suicide.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Pastor Ed Litton and published at Protestia.com.

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5 thoughts on “Just Checking in on Kyle J. How- YEP HE’S STILL AT IT!

  1. I wish I could tell Kyle J Howard to MAN UP. He tweets like a woman. He thinks like a woman. He writes like a woman. All he ever talks about is how “unsafe” he feels and how “triggered” he is. He always acts like such a victim. Biblical manhood and womanhood are a real thing and is part of the sanctifying process Christians go through. Yes, a man becomes a real (i.e. godly) man by following Christ. A woman becomes a real woman by following Christ. Kyle J Howard is neither. He is not a man and he’s a poor excuse of a woman.

    1. The Democrat party has invested decades in indoctrinating weak-minded, biblically ignorant individuals like Howard into believing they are victims – wholly dependent on government and others to nurture and protect them.

  2. This guy is nauseatingly annoying. All he does is cry and moan about race. It’s amazing to me how the biggest racists are the ones always crying racism. Always.

  3. Kyle Howard is showing what is really in his heart. He isn’t a born-again christian. He is full of bitterness and hate. He needs Jesus.

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