Kyle J. Howard Claims SBTS Full of Racists, Twauma

For Southern Baptist leaders embracing Critical Race Theory and Standpoint Epistemology, this is the kind of slander, embarrassment, childishness, and downright racism that you are encouraging.

In a tweet “celebrating” completing his Masters in Theology (proving they’ll give these degrees to anyone willing to pay for them), the always-twamatized Kyle J. Howard claimed he couldn’t walk the grounds of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – much less receive his degree in person – because of, well, twauma. This is the same school he claimed employs a professor who told him so-called “black theology” was inferior.

The self-proclaimed battle rapper, former Crip, and drug dealer (who now apparently and inexplicably gets call “Rev” down on “da block”) claimed that the rise of Donald Trump and the “ongoing deaths” of unarmed black people led to an outbreak of overt racism on the campus of the Southern Baptist Seminary and caused him to feel unsafe even being there:

The twauma counselor, “theologian,” and “soul care provider” found support from the usual cabal of CRT-promoting grifters like ex-SBC pastor Dwight McKissic, who revealed how his subjective feelings revealed no racism at SWBTS (that is, no “experiences” his feelings decided were racist), but that KJH’s feelings were legit (and how it was regrettable Critical Race Theory wasn’t wholly supported at Southwestern):

And then there was “rapper who also happens to be Christian” Lecrae, who likened the Christians at SBTS to Egyptians enslaving the Israelites, and Moses to a pathologically lying and laughably embarrassing twauma queen:

The fact that Kyle J. Howard earned a Master’s Degree from a Southern Baptist school is proof positive that credentials mean almost nothing in terms of a person’s ability to minister, understand scripture, or you know, be an actual grown-up in society. A person so willing to lie about their past (and present) and who is so scared of their own shadow that they can’t set foot on a college campus has absolutely no business attempting to minister to anyone else.

By the way, there is still $3500 available to anyone presenting actual evidence of KJH’s gang-banging ways.


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6 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard Claims SBTS Full of Racists, Twauma

  1. Maybe he’s jonesing for a free doctorate from Mohler. Won’t be a bit surprised if he gets it. Along with some long social media apology begging forgiveness and promising to do better.

  2. For the life of me I can’t figure out what his wife sees in him a Man so emotionally weak

  3. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention his tweet about crying in walmart. I suffer from major depression. I’ve even spent a few days in the hospital when it was at its worse. I’ve never started crying in walmart. This guy is as fake as can be. He was not in the Crips. He was not traumatized at SBTS. He does not have crippling depression. He has not been beat up by cops. People do not call him “Rev” when he (most assuredly never) visits the rough side of Atlanta.

    He is building a brand, not unlike the Youth Evangelists of yesteryear who used to tell all their wild stories and then make an emotional appeal at camp.

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