Kyle J. Howard Talks About The Bounty on His Head, So We’re Increasing it to $3500

Kyle J. Howard has taken to Twitter to spin more self-adulating falsehoods- an exercise in ‘attention seeking by self-pity’ that he uses to great and frequent effect. This time, by recounting a tale of sadness and woe about a conversation he had with his mother.

If Howard was a good son who wasn’t given over to traumatizing spirits, he would have assured his mother that no one put a bounty on his head so that he should fear for his life, but rather it was discernment ministry who didn’t believe him that he was a gang member and part of the Crips in high school, due to the fantastical nature of his claims. As a result, they were offering a bounty, otherwise known as a ‘reward’ for information corroborating his claims. If someone was able to show that he was indeed a Crip, they would publicly apologize for their misgivings and pay them thousands of dollars for this evidence of the truth.

Quite frankly, if Howards’ mom is fearing that for her son, she needs to be disabused of that notion. No one’s trying to assassinate her son, he is certainly no civil rights leader, and he ought to stop stoking her fears and whipping them up in a frenzy.

For this reason, we’re upping our bounty/reward/ prize to $3500.

Here is our contention.

  • Howard was born in incredible privilege, with the proverbial silver spoon placed there by two attorney parents. He was raised in an affluent Atlanta suburb. His brother capitalized on his privilege and became an attorney like his parents before him and Howard has been a professional student for most of his life.
  • However, Howard claims in his website bio that in High School he became “heavily immersed” in the Crips gang. Howard claims he carried a razor blade in his mouth, a .38 revolver on his hip, and drugs in his pocket.
  • Also according to Howard, he lived a double life, selling drugs at night but doing high school debate and keeping up his academics during the day. His parents apparently weren’t aware of his secret life as a Crips member because he would intellectually debate his parents over supper and then go smoke weed and live the thug life. Howard has posted a photo of himself in a sideways ballcap as apparent evidence of his thuggishness
  • Howard also claims he was a “battle rapper” in the “underground circuit” while excelling at his High School Latin class.
  • Howard claims that upon meeting his future wife, he gradually walked away from all the gang activity, while in the 11th grade, and they let him go willingly. Howard states that his then future wife was oblivious to his gang activity as well, likewise having no idea.

If you’re asking why he would make up stories that would make even Ergun Caner blush, it’s simple: with someone as privileged as Kyle J. Howard is, it’s critically important that he identifies with the victim class.

To do so, he claims he was a secret gang member in high school, thus establishing his intersectionality creds, which he references over and over and over and over again, in order to attack the Church and spread a race-baiting message of Howardian hate.

As such, Protestia will pay anyone $3500 for any evidence substantiating that Kyle J. Howard was in any kind of ‘gang‘ (in high school or college). Perhaps one of the 35 thousand active Crips gang members would remember Kyle J. Howard, the rich and affluent kid who joined their gang secretly, never told anybody about it at the time and then left without anyone caring.


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4 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard Talks About The Bounty on His Head, So We’re Increasing it to $3500

  1. Yeah, your conduct is definitely that of Christ. This reminds of something Paul did….oh wait no… this is just the infowars of discernment ministries.
    Kyle howard may be over the top and a leftist, but you guys are the opposite side of the fence level bad.

    You’re the capital riots to his antifa.

  2. I’d like to say that my real name is Leroy Brown and I carry a .32 gun in my pocket for fun and a razor in my shoe.

  3. KJH Wishes he were important enough. Being only half Caucasian, he probably has more “White” privilege than the vast majority of us.

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