Beth Moore, You Owe Godly Men an Apology

An Open Letter to Beth Moore from JD Hall


First, I want to applaud you for finally coming clean on your doctrinal views and theological convictions. It has been a long, hard road to get to where you’re at. You have finally, once and for all, openly and unashamedly denounced complementariansm, the belief that men and women are equal but that they have different gender roles.

While I whole-heartedly condemn your apostasy and repudiate your unbiblical convictions, I sincerely thank you for finally allowing discerning men to smoke you out of your hole like one of the devil’s foxes. I pray that you will find relief in forsaking the lie that you have lived in for so long. We have all noticed your mental health slipping drastically in recent years and I can’t help but believe it’s due to the unhealthy lifestyle of subversion, deceit, and perpetual dishonesty that you have subjected yourself to.

Of course, I realize that the announcement of your real views was carefully timed. You waited, as the devil’s agents often do, until the time was right to leave Biblical orthodoxy. You built up your following based upon false advertising, deceitfully harboring the truth that you oppose conservative standards. You then denied rejecting these conservative standards for more than a decade. You capitalized on the #MeToo Movement and took an even harder turn to the left, suddenly coming up with tales of abuse that you had – conveniently – never mentioned until it became a fad to be oppressed. And despite having your entire platform and popularity gifted to you by undiscerning men, you continued to attack men as oppressors and abusers. And then, you left the Southern Baptist Convention just prior to announcing your changed views on gender roles (so that you could dump them, instead of them dumping you). You chose the order of these events carefully because you are wicked and intentional in your attempt to lead captive weak women (2 Timothy 3:6).

If you had been honest from the beginning, you would not have had Southern Baptist pastors, the SBC’s Lifeway retail outlet, or other Southern Baptist influencers give you a career on the inspirational life coach circuit. You chose to conceal that fact because that’s what Satan’s soldiers do, sneak in privily to spy out the church in order to then lead it captive (Galatians 2:4).

And while I’m glad that you’ve now become honest with your beliefs on gender roles, I’m still waiting for you to become honest with your beliefs regarding human sexuality. All discerning Christians know that you are sodomy-affirming. We watched as you removed anti-gay remarks from your various books and your refusal to address our questions as to why. But we know the answer, and so do you. Might I humbly request that you also come out of the closet regarding your support for homosexuality?

Amidst my encouragement, however, I also have a rebuke. While you concealed in your heart a detestation for complementarianism, which you have only recently denounced, you simultaneously accused me of slander for claiming that you were not a complementarian. But Beth, you in fact did not believe in complementarianism and I was correct all along (and so were many others with me). You chose not only to sit by while your fans and followers called us “slanderers,” you let them proclaim that you’ve only been misunderstood and that you must be a complementarian because you were a Southern Baptist (a stupid thought, but a common one).

You and I both recognize that your affiliation with the SBC was only a career decision and that you used your affiliation to dispel criticism. But Beth, that’s called deception and it’s a sin. And not only did you actively deceive your followers, you let them bear false witness about you as they defended you as a complementarian. You sat by and watched them attribute to you a view that you do not hold while they called me a slanderer and called others “liars” for telling the truth.

Beth, you owe me an apology for calling me a slanderer for more than a decade while you knew in your heart that I was factually correct in my claims. You owe your followers an apology, first for misleading them regarding your beliefs, and secondly for letting them bear false witness in their defense of you. And finally, you owe evangelicals reparations.

Beth, reparations are Biblical and you have wronged your many followers. They followed you based upon a false pretense that your fostered and propagated. They followed you because you asured them that you share their values, when in fact, you do not. You intentionally decieved evangelicalism for many years. Meanwhile, gullible wives and daughters have purchased your books and wares, presupposing that you were theologically of like-faith.

Your speaking career, built upon lies and deception about where you stand on gender roles, has earned you millions of dollars. Every single last dollar should be returned to the women you have bilked under these false pretenses. You have tampered with God’s Words, you have misrepresented your views, and you have led others into sin by your deceitfulness. You have not earned your money, you have stolen it.

Had you been honest in the beginning, back when you were an aerobics instructor with a Bible study, your career would make Jory Micah look like a superstar by comparison. Everything you have, every stride you’ve taken, every step you’ve advanced in fame and popularity was given to you by men who were happy to let you speak, so long as you understood your proper place.

You lied to them. Shame on you.

It’s time for you to apologize. The first step to repentance is showing it, and I would suggest checking your bank accounts and writing a check for their balance – in full – to local churches who purchased your material under false pretenses.

JD Hall


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1 thought on “Beth Moore, You Owe Godly Men an Apology

  1. Well put, JD, and dead-on.
    Prepare for the inevitable self-serving phony indignation from this narcissistic, opportunistic, wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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