‘Church’ With a Gay Unicorn Logo Issues Press Release Against GraceLife Church

A Calgary-based “reverend” and his church have issued a press release against James Coates and the congregants at GraceLife Church, denouncing the church for seeking to stay open and voicing his pleasure at the knowledge that they’ve been shut down, writing “Today, judgment has been rendered. Too bad it took so long.”

The move comes after Alberta Health Services and law enforcement erected a fence around GraceLife Church, refusing to let anyone in, weeks after their pastor spent over a month incarcerated as a prisoner of conscience.

In an interview with CTV News Reverend Greg Glatz elaborated:

I think it’s important for order and good government to show that we are working with government and its public health orders as much as we can. I think that when a church takes an anti-government stance or an anti-science stance or an anti-medicine stance, it’s really putting its own members at risk and it’s putting order in society at risk as well.

This is not the first time the hireling has come out against the embattled Church. While certainly the most public and visible, he has to have been howling at the moon over this one for months now.

Naturally, the so-called “pastor” of Knox United Church quoted the bible in his statement in order to add weight and gravitas to the seriousness of the transgressions of GraceLife, using Romans 13 as a cudgel to condemn the church for disobeying the governing authorities and not “staying safe” as they have. Of course, no one could stay as safe as them, as they have not had their demonic services for over a year, despite having a capacity of 800 people and scarcely enough congregation members to occupy the 15% allowed.

The name itself of this church, Knox United, goes along with Protestia’s First Theorem of Ecclesiology, which states that any church that has the word “United” in it is probably a hellbound cauldron of false converts. This one is certainly no exception.

The church website proudly boasts that “Knox United Church is an Affirming congregation in the United Church of Canada. If you’re lesbian, gay, bi, trans, two-spirited, queer, and/or straight––we affirm and celebrate who you are!” The effete pastor has his personal pronouns in his bio, is pro-choice, and has a gay unicorn as their church logo, one that is featured prominently across their social media and church website.

No seriously. They do.

And now a closeup.

This church is populated by wolves and wolvettes, bare of any believers other than the odd passerby who visits one Sunday after getting lost in the neighborhood.

This pastor and their members hate God, hate Christ, and hate the bible. Any press release they issue condemning a faithful, biblical Chruch like GraceLife will simply heap more condemnation upon them.

[Editor’s note: It breaks my heart that such men identify themselves as Christian when it says in Romans 1:18-32 that such individuals are clearly under God’s condemnation. May God continue to have mercy on His people that are caught up in that sinful place.]

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9 thoughts on “‘Church’ With a Gay Unicorn Logo Issues Press Release Against GraceLife Church

  1. Sounds like that “pastor” needs to read deuteronomy again. God made it very clear in that book… what would, and wouldn’t be acceptable. Btw, the unicom was stolen from the Torrah, and the rainbow from the new testament. Its an abomination.

  2. But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.”
    Acts 5:29

    Worship of God is obligatory. The function of a church building is also a key component in this worship. The context of Romans 13:1-2 is creating rebellions. It can never be used to justify the closure of a house of Christian worship.

  3. F gg ts…..

    ALL, like their Dumb Old C U N T masters, are puppets of SATAN (aka George Soros)!!!!!

    the only good democRAT is a DEAD DEMOCrat

  4. Too bad they had to drag John Knox’s name into this re: the name of their building. If you ever listened to the “old trailblazer program” on Christian radio, at least when Pastor Albert Pendarvis was the host, he would often say something like “they’ll make a good matchstick in hell.” I think he might’ve been on to something in situations like this.

  5. Fake church lead by a fake Christian. Vile, disgusting, vulgar, evil piece of filth. Repent before it is too late for you, ye worker of inequity.

  6. Greg Glatz has the anti-science and anti-medicine stance on this one. The Unicorn is an occult symbol of the anti-christ similar to the lion being an animal symbol of Christ.

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