Video: While GraceLife Church is Shut Down, Islamic Mosques are Left Alone

While Gracelife Church has been raided and blockaded by the police and Alberta Health Services, it seems that there is one group that is still able to gather without the intervention of police, and that is the Islamic community.

In the last few days, a handful of videos have crept up online that feature large gathering of hundreds if not thousands of Muslims for their services and call to prayer. Two that we wish to highlight are the Masjid Al Rachid Mosque in Edmonton, and the other the Akram Jomma Islamic Center in Calgary, from videos taken in early April.

Despite the prohibition on Christian Churches, these mosques have gone unmolested by police despite so many congregants. The person filming even notes that the place is “packed packed packed” and that there are school busses there, which they use to bus in participants and those who can’t make it on their own.

While we’re sure that not every mosque is failing to adhere to Alberta’s lockdown restriction, we have heard about dozens of churches contacted by police, fined, have services interrupted, and dragged through the news cycles.

But mosques and the Islamic community? We haven’t heard a peep.

We wonder why that is.

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7 thoughts on “Video: While GraceLife Church is Shut Down, Islamic Mosques are Left Alone

  1. The authorities know intuitively that Christians aren’t going to do anything to them but they silently believe the Muslims might saw their heads off.

  2. Google censors and sorts search results according to its political agenda. DuckDuckGo claims to not censor searches. Give it a try and compare the results.

  3. I have checked both mosques fb pages and they work as usual. And ppl still believe this is all about the virus. Everybody and everything on this earth connected God or Satan. Unbeliavable how many so called Christians support this evil agenda.

  4. Duhhhh of course the cults are allowed to operate however they please. It is only real Christian churches, where the Gospel is preached and the blood of Jesus is paramount, that are targeted by these Marxist liberal monsters. If ol’ Joel Osteen wanted to open his…uhhhh…”church” at full capacity tomorrow I highly doubt that the government would say a word against it. Heck, if he moved up there and opened another of his cult temples I bet you a doughnut that Canada would be perfectly okay with it.

    It is only the true church that is their target. Canada is about fifteen years away, perhaps even far less than that, from outright executing men like James Coates, and the USA will be right behind them sharpening the guillotine blade with a smile.

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