Kyle J. Howard Has Come To Collect the $3500 Bounty We Put On His Head. Should We Pay?

The day has come. Kyle J Howard, race-baiter extraordinaire, has himself stepped forward to claim the long-standing *informational* bounty we have put on his head.

To recap, Protestia, and formerly Pulpit & Pen have multiple issues with this rising star within the woke Christian world. While he would chalk it up to us being a bunch of white racists, it instead has to do with the fact that he has been lying for years about being a gang-member for intersectional points and internet clout, and has kept a dizzying clip of saying racist and divisive things; with some of the highlights found below.

Kyle J. Howard Says ‘White Supremacy’ Grounds For Biblical Divorce, But Only for Black Folks
Kyle J Howard Says He will no Longer Attend Mostly White Churches or Take Communion There
Kyle J. Howard Says Worship Music is Traumatizing, Especially ‘White Evangelical Worship’
Kyle J. Howard Casts Shade at Black Folks Who Marry White Women
Kyle J. Howard Claims SBTS Full of Racists, Twauma
Kyle J. Howard Films Himself Crying and Then Shares it Because of Attention

It got to the point that it even necessitated a video about him, and his insistence that everything white or white adjacent is too traumatizing to bear.

Here is our contention.

  • Howard was born in incredible privilege, with the proverbial silver spoon placed there by two attorney parents. He was raised in an affluent Atlanta suburb. His brother capitalized on his privilege and became an attorney like his parents before him and Howard has been a professional student for most of his life.
  • However, Howard claims in his website bio that in High School he became “heavily immersed” in the Crips gang. Howard claims he carried a razor blade in his mouth, a .38 revolver on his hip, and drugs in his pocket.
  • Also according to Howard, he lived a double life. He has publicly stated that starting from age 12, he was diagnosed with clinical depression, had suicidal ideations, and other issues like being diagnosed as manic depressive, having ADHD, and also being bipolar. He was so depressed, he claims he played russian roulette with a gun to his head, spinning the cylinder and pulling the trigger.
  • Somehow, however, despite all these psychologica, educational and mental health challenges, he was a gang member by night, and was an honor student by day. He sold drugs at by the pale moon light while doing high school debate and keeping up his academics during the day.
  • His parents apparently weren’t aware of his secret life as a Crips member because he would intellectually debate his parents over supper and then go smoke weed and live the thug life. Howard has posted a photo of himself in a sideways ballcap as apparent evidence of his thuggishness.
  • Howard also claims he was a “battle rapper” in the “underground circuit” while excelling at his High School Latin class.
  • Howard claims that upon meeting his future wife, he gradually walked away from all the gang activity, while in the 11th grade, and they let him go willingly. Howard states that his then future wife was oblivious to his gang activity as well, likewise having no idea.

Now, if you’re asking why he would make up stories that would make even Ergun Caner blush, it’s simple: with someone as privileged as Kyle J. Howard is, it’s critically important that he identifies with the victim class.

To do so, he claims he was a secret gang member in high school, thus establishing his intersectionality creds, which he references over and over and over and over again, in order to attack the church and spread a race-baiting message of Howardian hate.

Consequently, we put out this offer: Protestia will pay anyone $3500 for any evidence substantiating that Kyle J. Howard was in any kind of ‘gang‘ (in high school or college)” while postulating that perhaps one of the 35 thousand active Crips gang members would remember Kyle J. Howard, the rich and affluent kid who joined their gang secretly, never told anybody about it at the time, and then left without anyone caring.

First off, we are pleased that Howard has finally and for the first time specified that the bounty is for information, and not a literal bounty on his head. He has previously said that he fears for his life on account of this offer, and has whipped up his mother in a frenzy because of it, so it’s good to know that he’s taking it in the spirit it was offered.

Second of all, Howard previously claimed that any information corroborating his story would put him in physical danger, while also claiming all of his former gang affiliates are dead or in prison so there were no witnesses left to testify on his behalf. Is Howard now acknowledging that it is safe to release this information?

Third of all, this does nothing to substantiate his claim that he was in the Crips gang. It’s a picture of Kyle wearing what looks to be either a black or navy bandana around his neck. That’s it. That’s the sum of his offering. It’s basically a man wearing a Harley Davidson shirt or bandana and claiming it’s proof he was in the Hell’s Angels, but at least that one has some tenuous suggestive ties. We made it a point to be fairly lax in what we would consider evidence or proof that he was in a gang, but this picture does not even come close to rising to that occasion. It also makes us further Howard’s sincerity and his ability to understand what it means to substantiate.

For example, he had a lot to say about the Rittenhouse trial, claiming that the young man is a white supremacist and racist who *clearly* cried big ole fake crocodile tears on the stand, and that he *purposefully* instigated and sought out a situation that would position him to have the ability defend himself by murdering other people. Rittenhouse, he says, is seeking to become a ‘warrior of white supremacy.’

Howard was able to see the same videos we did and have all the same facts we had, and read ALL THAT into the trial and verdict. Given this, it’s unsurprising that he can present a picture of a guy with a bandana, and declare that this is proof-positive that he substantiated his claim and therefore is worthy of collecting the fee. (Notwithstanding the rest of it and the horde of discrepancies.)

Sorry, Kyle. You’ll have to do better than that.

Until then, the bounty still remains.

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7 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard Has Come To Collect the $3500 Bounty We Put On His Head. Should We Pay?

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  2. The fact this serial-lying, mouth-breathing narcissistic opportunist is in any way associated with God’s church should shock any devout follower of Christ to his/her very soul. This man is the poster child for worldly wokeism, leading the spiritually naïve and undiscerning to Hell.

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  5. I am part of the gang task force in a prison. I know about gangs. I know gang members.

    A picture of someone wearing blue does not mean they are in a gang. In fact, it kind of strikes me as someone who knows about gangs from watching TV and movies. I’ve noted this before with Kyle. For instance, he once posted a picture of three gang members at a BLM rally showing unity among red, blue, and green. Kyle was moved because of his background. Yes, the movies tell us that the bloods and the crips are bitter rivals, but the fact is that gangs frequently work together for mutual benefit. They are often at odds, true, but not always and it is certainly no big deal at all that they would all find themselves on the same side of a protest. I was just in a meeting about two well known black gang rivals currently working together and in some kind of partnership with a white supremacy gang. It just isn’t a clear cut as the movies.

    The reality of gangs is more than just colors. Yes, some gangs wear colors, cuts, hats, etc to show the world and each other who they might be, but there is more to it than that. What a lot of people don’t understand is that gangs actually have by-laws; strict rules that govern the gang. Membership is not nebulous. It is clearly defined, as is the prospect period(proving oneself to become a member). When someone becomes a member, they are patched in (often by tattoo) and if they choose to leave, they will have to have that obliterated. That brings another hole in the story. Gangs do allow people to leave (it is usually a pretty rough ordeal), but they aren’t real keen on a former member talking about ever being a member.

    I’m going to guess that Kyle was a kid who hung out with others that enjoyed gangsta rap and gangsta fashion. I personally would not believe otherwise unless an active Crip vouched for him or he could produce some sort of law enforcement documentation of his gang affiliation.

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