Kyle J. Howard Says ‘White Supremacy’ Grounds For Biblical Divorce, But Only for Black Folks

Kyle J. Howard, the theological misanthrope, who has never met a white person who didn’t cause him some degree of trauma and who didn’t harbour a dark underbelly of white supremacist thinking, all the while being promoted and retweeted by SBC royalty, had some unusually racist marital advice.

Asked whether or not a “biblical divorce” was in the cards if one person was a white supremacist, Howard explained that it wasn’t for two white people, but it was if one of the spouses was BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color)

Of course, Howard views almost everyone as a white supremacist. In fact, one of his quick barometer tests is asking whether or not someone voted for Donald Trump. If you did, you’re a super racist, committed to white supremacy and the enslavement and subjugation of black people, and he does not feel safe around you.

If you have black or brown skin and you want to divorce your spouse for being a white supremacist as defined by Kyle J. Howard, then you have his blessing and the scriptures release you, with no sin being present.

If however, you have white skin and you want to divorce your spouse for being a white supremacist as defined by Kyle J. Howard, then that is still sinful, and a violation of the biblical texts, and you are not released.

You all knew this was coming, based on his trajectory. Consequently, we await in anticipation to know what other sins are only applicable to white folk and not black ones. Given his predilections, he will tell us soon enough.

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11 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard Says ‘White Supremacy’ Grounds For Biblical Divorce, But Only for Black Folks

  1. So in other words, Kyle Howard is still a racist. That should just be the title of every article you write about him because that’s what it all boils down to with him. The loudest people who cry about racism are always the biggest racists.

  2. How does he deal with being half “white” although we so-called white folks are really people of color as we’re just a lighter shade of brown? Why is it these folks were biracial you’re so unstable and field with rage. Is it possibly because they feel like they aren’t accepted by either ethnicity, especially the black community?

    Ever get the feeling that’s the mantra of “white supremacy” is really all about engendering guilt about something that doesn’t exist so as to establish the opposite? You can count on it.

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