Kyle J. Howard Says A Desire for Free Speech is ‘Racist’, about ‘Preserving White Power’

Kyle J. Howard, Professional Traumatized Person (PTP), has been in a rare form the last few days, exorcising his trauma demons by having his Twitter feed cranking out a litany of race-baiting invectives that would have even Al Sharpton giving him the side look and slowly backing away, his hands making an “I’m not with this guy” motion.

Howard currently has a $3500 *informational* bounty on his head on account of lying about being a gang-member for intersectional points and internet clout, and has really devolved over these last few months. We’ve written about him at the following links, as well as others, which give a good sense of all the ways he’s perverting scripture and molesting the text. In doing so, we’ve chronicled his slow slide into racial absurdity and witnessed the epitome of what it means to have one’s thinking to be futile and a foolish heart to be darkened.

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Well, he’s back at it, and it’s as bad as it’s ever been, claiming that the ‘desire for free speech’ is racist and about asserting white power and dominance over the black man, as well as making some really wild statements about the ability of white women to love black men without it being mere ‘exoticism.’

12 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard Says A Desire for Free Speech is ‘Racist’, about ‘Preserving White Power’

  1. Quite the “logic” there, Kyle. Please explain why and how following the Word of Almighty God, with which wokeism is opposed on many levels in many ways, especially where homosexuality is concerned, is going to get black people killed. Is God Almighty not knowledgeable enough? Does He not care about you enough? Is He not powerful enough? What do you know and understand that He does not?

    You’re telling me that if we follow God’s Word, nothing good will come of it. That’s what you’re telling me. You’re telling me that His Word is insufficient. Why in the world should anyone follow your word instead of His?

  2. Whenever someone says that white people can say whatever they want without consequences, I immediately think of the time Nick Cannon (who is black) said that white people need to “act evil” (aka rob, steal, rape, kill) in order to survive and didn’t get immediately canceled (also didn’t apologize)

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