KJH Says Calling Someone ‘Woke, ‘Marxist, SJW’ is The Same as Calling them a ‘N*****’

We never thought we’d write about our favorite race-baiter Kyle J. Howard so soon after ur last article. where he asserted that A Desire for Free Speech is ‘Racist’ and about ‘Preserving White Power’, but he just upped the rhetorical ante in a big way lately, claiming on Twitter that white folk who describe black folk as being ‘woke’ or call them a ‘Marxist’ or a ‘social justice warrior’ are actually purposefully using coded language for the N-Bomb.

You’ll recall Howard currently has a $3500 *informational* bounty on his head on account of lying about being a gang-member for intersectional points and internet clout, and has really devolved over these last few months. We’ve written about him at the following links, as well as others, which give a good sense of all the ways he’s perverting scripture and molesting the text. In doing so, we’ve chronicled his slow slide into racial absurdity and witnessed the epitome of what it means to have one’s thinking to be futile and a foolish heart to be darkened.

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Using the threadreader app we see:

We said last year that it wouldn’t be long until he just gets it over it and says all white folk are racists who harbor unfettered, explicit contempt and prejudice for the black man or person of color.

He’s at least half-way there.

7 thoughts on “KJH Says Calling Someone ‘Woke, ‘Marxist, SJW’ is The Same as Calling them a ‘N*****’

  1. I wonder if Kyle be offended if somebody called him the “N-word” used to describe someone as cheap and miserly that sounds kind of like the other one? At least you can’t say he’s that about his ignorance because he is very generous with sharing that.

  2. Yeah, we know Kyle. You can’t follow God’s Word without betraying worldly “culture.” We’re all in service in a “place” under someone or something. We’re all in rebellion against someone or something. The question is who do you serve, and what do you rebel against.

    “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” – Jesus (Matt. 6:24)

    My Bible doesn’t contain any of this mess about “blackness” or “whiteness,” much less this supremacist idea that “blackness” is perfectly righteous and “whiteness” is irredeemably evil, or the false dichotomy that one must serve either of those two masters. I don’t know where you get that racist nonsense, but it does not come from God’s Word. (And neither does your implication that God’s Word is “white supremacist.”)

    But I will be sure to disagree with most everything you say, lest you be called a “token” traitor. Don’t want to hurt that gangster image of yours.

    1. Well said. Kyle is certainly a gas-lighter, creatively trying to forge synonymous meanings between “woke” and the “n” word in an effort to shut down freedom of thought and speech. White people observing reality or recognizing objective truth is not okay for little Kyle. If I am not mistaken, blacks invented the word “woke” to describe themselves as those who have been enlightened to systemic racism (whatever that is) and the white power structure (whatever that is). What a weak and woke buffoon, consumed by his black fragility, controlled by his black inferiority complex. Despite how pathetic he is, I would like to put a boot in his woke, black behind if he says White Supremacists one more time.

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