Taco Bell Announces ‘Drag Brunch Tour’ Featuring Drag Queens, Drag Kings, and ‘Thrilling Lip-syncs’

Taco Bell announced on Twitter Monday that they are launching the ‘Taco Bell Drag Brunch’, a five-location restaurant tour crafted to celebrate all things drag culture and the LGBTQQIP2SAA community. The tour, which kicks off Sunday May 1 and will hit up Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, New York, and Fort Lauderdale cantina locations, will be hosted by Drag queen Kay Sedia who will be serving breakfast and putting on a show with live entertainment and performances from local drag queens and ‘drag kings.’

The shows are 18+ and anyone wanting to attend the Taco Bell event at this time must make a reservation.

Taco Bell is hailing it as “a new immersive fan experience” where customers can enjoy a drag show that has “captivating visual backdrops, craveable breakfast menu items, thrilling lip-syncs and extraordinary high kicks and dips.” Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s global Chief Brand Officer explains:

“We understand the importance of creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community and are thrilled to provide a unique experience that spotlights and celebrates the wonderful art form of drag and its influence in culture with their chosen families. [Live Más Pride] has played a major role in driving awareness of and meaningfully supporting LGBTQIA+ communities both within Taco Bell and the communities we serve and operate in.”

5 thoughts on “Taco Bell Announces ‘Drag Brunch Tour’ Featuring Drag Queens, Drag Kings, and ‘Thrilling Lip-syncs’

  1. I want to know why they don’t try this idea in Muslim countries. Guess I’ll have to get my Chalupas somewhere else from now on.

  2. The perverted degenerates have encroached and imposed so far, even kindergartners don’t have a “safe space” free from their grooming. They do not deserve any safe space anywhere whatsoever, and will get none from me.

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