Kyle J. Howard says Black Boys being Molested by Black Men is the Fault of (Checks Notes) White People

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We talk about Kyle J. Howard frequently because he is an avatar for the logical end of Critical Race Theory, serving as a glimpse into the future of the movement on account of arriving there sooner than most. Recently, he asserted that Calling Someone ‘Woke, ‘Marxist, SJW’ is The Same as Calling them a ‘N***** . This is after he revealed that A Desire for Free Speech is ‘Racist’ and about ‘Preserving White Power’, and Being ‘Triggered’ by Supreme Court’s anti-Roe vs Wade Ruling Because White People ‘Sacrificed Black People’s Joy and Flourising’ To Attain it.

You’ll recall Howard currently has a $3500 *informational* bounty on his head on account of lying about being a gang-member for intersectional points and internet clout, and has really devolved over these last few months. We’ve written about him at the following links, as well as others, which give a good sense of all the ways he’s perverting scripture and molesting the text. In doing so, we’ve chronicled his slow slide into racial absurdity and witnessed the epitome of what it means to have one’s thinking to be futile and a foolish heart to be darkened.

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Now, Howard has come up with a new absurdity. In a series of social media posts, he says that the phenomenon of black men sexually abusing and molesting black boys is ultimately caused by white people, who made them that way. He asserts that for centuries, white men and women, armed with the white gaze, reduced black men to being sexually promiscuous while cultivating self-destructive, sexually abusive tendencies in them.

he concludes:

7 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard says Black Boys being Molested by Black Men is the Fault of (Checks Notes) White People

  1. If everything is the fault of “whites” then explain Liberia. It’s a human zoo of crime, sloth, and entitlement (much like any place in the US where Caucasians are not the majority). This is based on statistics rather than feelings, biases, or opinions. Maybe people (of all races) taking responsibility for themselves (instead of blaming others or relying on the government to “play daddy”) would go a long way toward function and decency.

  2. Yeah I’m sick of whitey too!
    Thanks to whitey I have to read what this total bafoon (not to be confused with Baboon) tweeting out the load of stupid inside his empty head!

    It’s very frustrating so, down with pale face!👎🏿

  3. At least now we know why black men are so sexually promiscuous and unfaithful. I’ve often wondered what caused their utterly immorality. Can I assume the same thing is the root cause behind the rampant sexual immorality of black women? I sure hope so. This clears up so many questions surrounding the plague of black immorality that drains the US through welfare programs, as well as the ruination of our educational systems and workforce. I can now have so much more sympathy and respect for all the “baby-daddys” and “baby-mamas” out there, wherever they “stay”.

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