Henpecked and Out of Her Depth: Julie Roys’ Chickens Come Home to Roost Following Kyle J. Howard Scandal

Investigative Reporter Julie Roys has found herself the subject of extensive backlash after announcing one of her conference speakers has withdrawn from her upcoming event, resulting in yet another demonstration that Roys’ discernment and judgment are nearly nonexistent.

In 2022, Roys was forced to pull out of her own “Restore 2022” conference after being accused of committing gross and creepy spiritual abuse against a young teen. Unlike sexual abuse, spiritual abuse seemingly had a one-year shelf-life, as Roys announced she would be part of this year’s 2023 speaker lineup, along with notorious race-baiter Kyle J. Howard, who she has previously platformed and praised.

It was a bold move for Roys, who had made a name for herself by writing dozens of articles criticizing John MacArthur for invented and contrived minutia, with subsequently resulted in her being discredited and destroyed. Her cagey practices are perhaps best exemplified in her awful appreciation of MacArthur’s home value

While Roys goes hard in the paint against MacArthur and Grace Community Church regularly, she’s been cheerleading on Howard, even though she would excoriate any leaders at GCC if they had anything near Howard’s deeply racist track record. Take a look:

Kyle J. Howard Calls Republicans’ White Supremacist’ Cultists- Who He Will Never Forgive or Embrace
Kyle J. Howard Refuses to Take Communion or Attend Predominantly White Churches
Kyle J. Howard says Black Boys being Molested by Black Men is the Fault of White People
Kyle J. Howard Says The Dead Children in Texas were Victims of ‘White Supremacy’/ White Folk

Kyle J. Howard Says ‘White Supremacy’ Grounds For Biblical Divorce, But Only for Black Folks
Kyle J. Howard Says Worship Music is Traumatizing, Especially ‘White Evangelical Worship’
Kyle J. Howard Casts Shade at Black Folks Who Marry White Women
Kyle J. Howard Watches Filthy, Filthy, Sex-Filled, Pornographic TV Shows

Kyle J. Howard Says A Desire for Free Speech is ‘Racist’ and about ‘Preserving White Power’
Kyle J. Howard is ‘Triggered’ by Supreme Court’s anti-Roe vs Wade Ruling Because White People ‘Sacrificed Black People’s Joy and Flourishing’ To Attain it.
Kyle J. Howard Gives 48 Hours of Extra-Spicy and Deeply Racist Quotes

Despite Howard being the worst of the worst, Roys continued to platform him and ignore calls for his removal. Roys knew about his anti-white proclivities but simply didn’t care, choosing instead to stand by him while he wailed on white women and white supremacy through his social media stream. In fact, he was so given over to his ideals that he refused to attend churches where most of the congregants were white, refusing to take communion with them or worship alongside them.

Even then, Howard remained a planned speaker, until he removed himself after finding himself in a predictable mess of his own making.

Perhaps the most significant controversy of Howard’s career, Howard was accused of lying about and engaging in online bullying and harassment over his involvement in working as an unlicensed “soul care” provider, resulting in him deleting his primary Twitter account. (He has a secondary Twitter account where only black people are allowed to follow him and see his tweets)

You can read the whole report here, but in a nutshell, Sacred Wilderness, an abuse survivor care company, hired two employees to work for them. These two became upset at the Board’s decision to bring on a white male pastor as a guest speaker at an event because the man didn’t align with their intersectional ideals. 

These staffers decided they should have as much power and decision-making as the Board of Directors. They began making accusations of racism and bullying against company leaders, and so Kyle J. Howard was tapped to advocate on the staffer’s behalf. Kyle quickly launched all sorts of claims against the company’s founders, accusing them of racism and all manner of evils (the founders are white).

In response, Sacred Wilderness hired Wade Mullen of Pellucid Consulting to do a full organizational assessment, including the communications between Kyle and the org. This is the same Wade Mullen who is a speaker at her upcoming conference. The 58-page report absolved Sacred Wilderness from Howard’s vile claims and showed that he himself was the one bullying, harassing, lying, and acting completely unprofessional. 

Put more succinctly:

In response to her announcement, Roys has received extensive criticism, which is well deserved. It’s evident she has great difficulty identifying what is and is not abusive behavior, which necessarily plays out in her reporting about other prominent public figures.

It should have NEVER come to this. Kyle’s public conduct and the sheer amount of overtly racist things he’s been saying for years should have disqualified him from speaking at her show the minute he was a consideration in her mind’s eye. Sadly, the much-vaunted “professional journalist” who’d write 10,000 words on John MacArthur if he even looked at someone funny, couldn’t catch a clue and had nothing to say about the real abuser until it all blew up in her face.

What a disgrace.

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8 thoughts on “Henpecked and Out of Her Depth: Julie Roys’ Chickens Come Home to Roost Following Kyle J. Howard Scandal

  1. JR is a liberal pretending to be a concerned Christian. She is only one of many that are not what they claim to be.

    It won’t surprise me if the day comes she denounces the Christian Faith altogether in the future.

  2. I am shocked…SHOCKED at the behavior of both of them. This doesn’t fit with what we know of them. 😬🤔

  3. We have done an in-depth analysis of Ms. Roy and her Report on our websites theoarch.wordpress.com and theologyarchaeology.wordpress.com com. She is far from being a true Christian and wants to shape the church after her own views.

    She is about as Christian as a fart but the fart is smarter. It knows when it is not wanted and disappears

  4. This is disgusting. Julie Roys is the worst kind of “journalist.” She pretends to have journalistic standards, while she uses her website for personal vendettas and supporting friends no matter the cost. John MacArthur is the subject of her attacks and vitriol, and he will be remembered by the Christian Church in ages to come as one who changed lives for the Gospel. She will not be remembered.

  5. I have tried to comment on “news” articles on her website hundreds of times. At first, she allowed my comments, which are always respectful, but pointed. Then she started dis-allowing them. Now, I post a reply and it won’t appear for days, meaning she has me flagged and decides now and again to allow my comments. The ones she does not allow are critical of her methods and results. Her results are at times good. Her exposure of Driscoll and MacDonald, good. But sometimes she goes on attacks that are definitely personal. Kyle Howard was a joke. HIs anger, attacks of all white people as racist, and lies about James White are examples of the fruits, whereby we shall know them.

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