Julie Roys Pulls Out of Own Conference After Being Accused of Spiritual Abuse

Julie Roys, fresh off having been foiled by trying to play 4D chess with the Rolex of Polemics, has announced on social media in a late-night Friday dump that she has pulled out of her own conference and will not be speaking. The Restore Conference, taking place May 20-21, “Where is God when there’s abuse? Recovering from spiritual trauma. Effective victim advocacy and Choosing hope vs. despair”

This is on account of the gross and creepy spiritual abuse that Roys committed against a young teen, which Roy then deflected and had to issue multiple apologies for, and for which she is still being criticized by survivor bloggers over.

While Roys is out, there is at least one other speaker that should be joining her: Karen Swallow Prior. She is engulfed in her own controversy, after obstructing Pastor Tom Buck’s efforts to get to the bottom of who has been sharing a private draft letter that discusses their collective sexual abuse that they did not want to be shared. Prior not only sent the letter to others without their permission but efforts to get her to be transparent about who sent what and where have been like pulling teeth, with Prior being extremely uncooperative.

5 thoughts on “Julie Roys Pulls Out of Own Conference After Being Accused of Spiritual Abuse

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if Roys, the Queen of Self-Promotion, finds a way to capitalize on her latest infamy. In fact, I hear she has a hard-hitting book coming out later this year: “Spiritual Abuse: How to Pull It Off Like a Pro, and How to Play the Victim If You Ever Get Caught.” I can’t wait!!! 😅

  2. Julie Roys is not reliable. She only paints one side of most stories. I have been reading her reports for some time, but when she started “exposing” MacArthur, it seemed fishy. Then she started pinning all of the MacArthur stories on the top of her website. In the past 3 months, I have commented on her articles probably 15 times, and she has only allowed 3 or 4 of my comments. In the others, I called her objectivity into question. Each time I did that, she disallowed my comments.

  3. Bob,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with Roys. 😕, and it shows how deceptive she is. I think deleting normal comments like that could be considered abusive as well.

    About five years ago, I made comments on her site occasionally. Anyway, one time she accused me of something I never even said. In my response, I pointed out her mistake. And guess what she did? Instead of apologizing to me, she DELETED both my comments and hers—to keep herself from looking bad! 😳 I was shocked. If a blogger ever deletes my comments, then I’m OUTTA there. 🏃🏽‍♂️

    After the way she’s been treating you, Bob, I’m surprised you’d ever want to visit her sorry site again, much less make comments there. As Christians, it’s so easy for us to cast our pearls before swine. 🐷 If I were you, I’d kick that shrew to the curb 🥾 and never look back! I also heard that she had a new policy in which all commenters had to use their *real* names. In this day and age, that’s just nuts. 🤪

    Thankfully, it appears Roys has lost all credibility now. And since she seems to love showing off her cleavage so much, maybe she can try to generate income by modeling bikinis for “Christian” feminists instead. 😂

    1. She has done that with multiple people that I know. And she has refused to post my comments.

      1. Sorry to hear that, Laura. Roys is just plain *toxic*. 🤮 She’s obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which Jesus warned us strongly about. 🐺

        Well, one thing’s for sure—when it comes to spiritual abuse, she’s simply the BEST. 😉

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