48 Hours of Extra-Spicy and Deeply Racist Kyle J. Howard Quotes

Our favorite race-baiter Kyle J. Howard, a man who currently has a $3500 *informational* bounty on his head on account of lying about being a gang-member for intersectional points and internet clout, has really devolved over these last few months. We’ve written about him at the following links, as well as others, which give a good sense of all the ways he’s perverting scripture and molesting the text.

Kyle J. Howard Says ‘White Supremacy’ Grounds For Biblical Divorce, But Only for Black Folks
Kyle J. Howard Refuses to Take Communion or attend Predominantly White Churches
Kyle J. Howard Says Worship Music is Traumatizing, Especially ‘White Evangelical Worship’
Kyle J. Howard Casts Shade at Black Folks Who Marry White Women

For this reason, we figured a roundup of all the racist things he’s said over the last 48 hours would be fitting, given how out of hand he’s gotten. One new idiosyncrasy is that he’s seemed to have begun lumping whites and non-black POC’s- people of color together- further crystalizing and creating walls of disunity between black folk and all other whites and minorities. Read carefully. It’s….a lot


5 thoughts on “48 Hours of Extra-Spicy and Deeply Racist Kyle J. Howard Quotes

  1. Kyle, while you’re decolonizing your library, it would be a good idea to purge it of works by the white men who concocted marxism, critical theory, and related works. It’s turning you into a bitter, angry, confused mess. No wonder you can’t sleep.

  2. Kyle needs to stop typing for awhile.
    Not sure what his endgame is except to draw attention to himself. Whatever it is “that he does” to put bread on the table is not settling the racial issue, nor even making progress. But if they (racial injustice experts) could do that, ALL of them would go begging for bread.

  3. This hyper-racist, pro-black, anti-white, anti-anyone-not-black attitude has obviously been at the core of his being and on the tip of his tongue for a very long time. I’m not shocked, not even surprised. It’s business as usual. Black men in America, as well as most black women, hate white people. They privately engage in the most racist talk on the planet, protected by the thick, immoral veil of black brotherhood. Black brotherhood is a unified culture offering protection, cover-ups, secrets, never-snitch-on-a-brother code that is based upon skin color, devoid of the ability to judge any black based upon character or standards. Virtually unable (or unwilling) to generate independent thought and govern their lives accordingly, these types are mob-followers with a herd-mentality, living by jungle rules.

  4. Kyle writes like a woman. He emotes like one. He’s easily triggered like one. He hides behind racism but he really has a problem with his lack of masculinity.

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