Karen Swallow Prior Suggests Criticizing Kyle J. Howard is Akin to Human Trafficking

SEBTS Professor Karen Swallow Prior, last seen Refusing to ‘Name Names’ of Sexual Predators at Liberty University, despite knowing who they are and thereby enabling them to continue their molesting ways, has come to the defense of notorious race-baiter Kyle J. Howard after he was criticized in an online video.

You’ll recall Howard currently has a $3500 *informational* bounty on his head for lying about being a gang-member. Despite being platformed and praised by Julie Roys, the ‘racial trauma counsellor’ has rapidly devolved over these last few years, becoming an avatar of one whose thinking is futile and whose foolish heart is darkened.

Kyle J. Howard Refuses to Take Communion or attend Predominantly White Churches
Kyle J. Howard says Black Boys being Molested by Black Men is the Fault of White People
Kyle J. Howard Watches Filthy, Filthy, Sex-Filled, Pornographic TV Shows
Kyle J. Howard Says The Dead Children in Texas were Victims of ‘White Supremacy’/ White Folk
Kyle J. Howard Says ‘White Supremacy’ Grounds For Biblical Divorce, But Only for Black Folks
Kyle J. Howard Says Worship Music is Traumatizing, Especially ‘White Evangelical Worship’
Kyle J. Howard Casts Shade at Black Folks Who Marry White Women
Kyle J. Howard Says Calling Someone ‘Woke, ‘Marxist, SJW’ is The Same as Calling them a ‘N***** .
Kyle J. Howard Says A Desire for Free Speech is ‘Racist’ and about ‘Preserving White Power’
Kyle J. Howard is ‘Triggered’ by Supreme Court’s anti-Roe vs Wade Ruling Because White People ‘Sacrificed Black People’s Joy and Flourishing’ To Attain it.
Kyle J. Howard Gives 48 Hours of Extra-Spicy and Deeply Racist Quotes

Chiming in on Howard’s tweet, Prior asserts that “Manufacturing and monetizing outrage is just another form of trafficking human beings” and that just like what is being done to Howard, “They do it to me, too.”

This has garnered some criticism, and rightly so. Some have amusingly noted that she’s calling Howard himself a human trafficker because of how often he gins up racial controversy and outrage, as can be seen in the aforementioned links. Others, like David Morrill, have questioned how Prior can be so logically sloppy given her profession

Lastly, AD Robles, the initial object of her ire and cause for response, pointed out Swallow herself is guilty of the crimes she accuses other as having done.

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5 thoughts on “Karen Swallow Prior Suggests Criticizing Kyle J. Howard is Akin to Human Trafficking

  1. These people are insufferable in their own right, never mind they claim to follow Christ – a claim so easily refuted by their words and actions.

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