Karen Swallow Prior: Will You Name Names of Sexual Predators at Liberty?

We’ve written many times about Karen Swallow Prior, how we continually find ourselves vexed and mystified that she’s viewed so favorably and regarded as conservative within Christian circles, despite the plethora of problems with her. The list is extensive and has been enumerated at the end of this post. Recently, however, she’s caused a bit of a stir by refusing to condemn the creepy curiosities of galpal and disturber of the peace Christine Caine. After asking why she won’t condemn her, Prior flatly said “I don’t condemn people. So don’t ask me to again.”

This of course is not true at all, as she routinely condemns those she disagrees with, including the same day, where she lobbed this grenade:

Sounds like a condemnation to us.

Speaking of Liberty, in a move that garnered barely a stir, she tweeted out yesterday that Jerry Falwell Jr. sexually preyed on young people for years at Liberty, and the followed that up with the revelation that ”Other known sexual predators continue to be employed at @LibertyU now under (Jerry) Prevo’s watch as president’ before casually asking when the promised presidential search will be.

This was written shortly thereafter. :

In a move reminiscent of Russell Moore knowing about where all the dead and raped bodies of the SBC are but not saying anything about it for months, if not years, who are the other known sexual predators who continue to be employed at Liberty University? Can we get some names? Can we get some evidence? Are they professors? Teacher’s aides? Janitors? Are they coaches?

If there are at least two known sexual predators working for Liberty while molesting women on campus, and possibly more, what is Prior doing about it?

Prior clearly has no issue naming names when it comes to other people associated with Liberty, making claims that Martin “harasses abuse survivors unmercifully” without a shred of proof, and then refusing to follow up to qualify or elaborate to those asking her to back that up.

So we ask again, which sexual predators are still employed at Liberty? Are these names what she is referring to when she claims that she “tried” to speak up with what she knew? She has the floor and has a big audience: So who are they?

When asked how to support sexually assaulted students, Karen explains that we ought to not “close our eyes” but rather should “speak up and do the right thing when there are people in the room” while “holding people accountable.”

Well, here’s your chance: let’s hear it.

Promised enumerations below:

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  1. This godless parade float is an embarrassment to any organization diligently attempting to faithfully follow Christ.

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