Prominent SBC Pastor Claims Alaska Church Has ‘Whites Only’ Membership, But Refuses to Name Names

Pastor Dwight McKisssic, that ornery race-baiter who may or may not still be part of the Southern Baptist Convention and who has been openly critical of racism within the SBC, came out on Twitter yesterday and accused multiple SBC churches of overtly racist actions. Unsurprisingly, following the 11th commandment, he refused to name names and explain exactly who these churches were. We’re not talking about ‘Kyle J. Howard racism’, where everything from Veggie tales to Babylon Bee to John Piper and basically all white folks are racist, but ‘Hard-‘R’, might-as-well-be-dropping-the-n-bomb’ racism.

This is the same sort of thing that many Hollywood starlets do; claim that there are producers and directors molesting and raping women for years, but refusing to say who it is, rendering their revelations useless.

In fact, it’s also reminiscent of what certain #BigEva folks like Russell Moore and Karen Swallow Prior do. In Moore’s case, he claimed that for years he’s known about the cover-up of sex abuse and about the intimidation, bullying, stonewalling, barriers, and pressure put on sex abuse victims by SBC stalwarts but didn’t tell a soul about it. For Prior, she claims that Liberty University has multiple sexual predators on staff, but refuses to name them as well, giving them cover and the opportunity to continue their molesty ways.

Of particular note is McKissic’s allegation that there is a church in Alaska that retains ‘White Only’ membership policy, a claim that perked up the ears and eyes of many readers who asked him to reveal who this is, as they would petition this church to be removed from the SBC over such a blatant and egregious sin. This includes former SBC State President Tracy Simmons, who tells McKissic to give up the goods and the church will be gone by the end of the year:

For McKissic though, he has no interest in actually doing anything about it, because as long as he can be in “the know” he can complain about it and use it as a cudgel to batter and beat the denomination, using his gnostic powers as a battering ram and robbing the denomination of an opportunity to make an example out of rebellious racists.

Moore and Prior would be proud.

13 thoughts on “Prominent SBC Pastor Claims Alaska Church Has ‘Whites Only’ Membership, But Refuses to Name Names

  1. Blaq people make up stuff. It’s their culture to lie for “the greater good” of the community. The opposite is white supremacy

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    1. No. Unethical people of all races make stuff up for the greater good of the cause they identify with. Moore and Prior are peas out of the same pod as McKissic.

  2. I live in Jackson, MS. The racial demographic of the Jackson greater metro area is equal in percentages of blacks and whites. In searching for a home church, our family attended 3 prominent SBC churches over the past 5 years. All 3 churches would be considered predominantly white, yet all 3 churches have significant black and multi-racial representation in the congregation, and all have hired black staff members and appointed blacks to leadership positions. Some of the black staff and leaders are questionable in their qualifications. There is some overreach, affirmative action going on in the white church. Yet it is common knowledge that there is not a black church in the area with non-blacks in attendance, nor is there any outreach to try to integrate the congregation. I am in vocational ministry (local missions) and have connected with many black churches. As far as my observations go, and I believe real numbers back this up, the black church is the most racist church in America. Not there is much real church going on in the black church, but more akin to racist social and political gatherings.

    1. “Not there is much real church going on in the black church” I think that goes a bit far. We have to understand that because black churches are “low church”, people have overlooked their theological divide of liberal vs. conservative that is obvious with white churches being NCC liberal Protestant or evangelical. There have ben pro-abortion, gay-friendly black churches for some time. But my sense is that since BLM and the media narrative that cops are racists hunting down blacks came on strong, many black evangelical churches have become a lot more political and radical and I suspect a lot less spiritual.

      My sense is that is rare for a black church to have in attendance any non-black who is not married to a black attendee.

      I don’t know if there are notifications, but I would be interested in your response.

  3. Hilarious that McKissic was trying to rebuff Buck’s claim that there are no racists in the SBC. Oh, the irony.

  4. I’ve been in ministry in the SBC for 20 years. I can’t count the number of times I’ve encountered racism. Not sure why anyone would doubt it.

  5. McKissic has for a long time been the Resident Racial Bully in the SBC. He bullied the SBC in 2017 into passing a resolution pretending that the Alt-Right was a major force and represented in the Trump administration when in fact it is an impotent, insignificant, unorganized movement consisting mostly of people scared to death that the identity behind their online username will be exposed, leading to immediate loss of their job. Why didn’t people in the SBC urge him to find more congenial stomping grounds? I know Mohler goes for this kind of race nihilism.

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