Christian Speaker Gets Canceled by Christian College for Teaching Christian Students Christian Ideas

(Red State) We’re living in transformative times. The country has moved away from Christian principles, and that migration includes institutions of faith. Of course, people have differing definitions of Christianity, but the traditional take is being increasingly left behind. Case in point: On Valentine’s Day, Gordon College welcomed speaker Marvin Daniels.

Marvin is the executive director of faith-based community development organization The Hope Center. Per its official website, the Missouri nonprofit trains “high school, middle school, and elementary students from over 15 campuses across the city in servant leadership and character development.” When Marvin addressed attendees of the Massachusetts Christian school, he presented biblical themes.

Based in 2 Corinthians, his talk touched on an adolescent hot spot: sexual morality. As part of Gordon’s “Deep Faith Week,” students got served a lesson without lenience. According to the event’s transcript, Marvin’s take wasn’t pro-trans.

“We’ve got a culture in chaos,” he claimed. “And they’re trying to redefine sexuality for us. … What was appropriate before is no longer appropriate.”

Titanic Trigger Warning:

“We’ve got individuals that say, ‘I feel like I’m a female,’ and they get a chance to participate in female activities. Back in the day, I wish that would work. I would’e been saying ‘I feel like a female’ so I [could] get into (the) girls locker room. Come on now.”

Might it have been the only time select youngsters had heard such a slam?

Marvin made clear he’s not impressed with modern morality:

“Our sexual behaviors are being corrupted and co-opted. We’ve got individuals co-mingling what God has said with what the culture has said.”

The man even fired on females, along with guys’ treatment of them:

“It’s amazing to see that even in the church, my Christian brothers (are) out there treating young ladies like they’re urinals. And I am concerned about that. And I’m concerned about my Christian sisters who dress like they’re desserts on a menu. And then they get upset when a brother wants to place an order.”

Indeed, hides were old-school tanned.

Unsurprisingly, some students didn’t appreciate the dress-down.

Via email, the school’s vice president for external relations, Rick Sweeney, laid it out to The College Fix:

“Many students in the audience, particularly Gordon’s young women, reached out to members of the college’s leadership to complain about what they deemed a degrading and demeaning presentation.”

“While the source material was biblically grounded and very appropriate for a chapel service,” Rick wrote, “[Marvin’s] rhetorical style and illustrations — which may have been intended to connect with a younger audience — had the exact opposite effect.”

The Deep Faith series was set to host three more talks by Marvin, but evidently, things were only meant to go so deep.

Gordon College canceled Marvin’s remaining appearances.

We’re living in….

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Alex Parker and published at Red State.

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