Bart Barber Opposes Conservative Baptist Network’s Message of Unity In the Gospel of Christ

Bart Barber, pastor of FBC Farmersville and Chairman of the 2022 Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions Committee really wants Russell Moore’s old gig in the ivory tower of the ERLC, and he is willing to do just about anything to align himself with the establishment liberals of the SBC to obtain the position. Since the election of Ed Litton as SBC President, Barber has been unapologetic in his defense of the plagiarizer-in-chief. Barber despises conservatives and consistently complains about conservatives who oppose critical theory, leftward drift in the SBC, and compromises on abortion

Barber recently found himself in hot water after bashing the Conservative Baptist Network’s Twitter messaging in response to the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Racial Reconciliation Sunday.

The statement by the CBN, which began with a recitation of 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, and contained numerous passages of scripture, called for unity in the Gospel and the avoidance of partiality on the basis of skin color. Apparently, the CBN got under Barber’s skin, because Barber constantly pushes the partiality-laden Critical Race Theory drivel that has been common amongst Big Eva types in the SBC for the past three years. In addition to direct references to scriptural guidance on Biblical Unity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the statement calls out Southern Baptists, such as Barber, who have resorted to worldly anti-Biblical strategies for racial reconciliation rather than relying on the all-sufficient scriptures which call for impartiality.

Numerous Twitter responses to Barber called for him to explain exactly how the statement by CBN was off message in any way. Barber refused to answer the question, dodging personal responsibility for his statements and accusing the CBN of being an agent of division in the SBC, because they don’t agree with social engineering in the church.

Bart understands that in order to earn Big Eva capital, he must constantly condemn the Conservatives in the convention. Eventually the race-baiters will show up to defend him, and hopefully the horrible Twitter trauma that he experiences will allow him to earn the reward of sitting in Russell Moore’s old chair as head of the ERLC. If all else fails, maybe Eddie Munster himself will invite Bart to join him at Christianity Today. In a stroke of irony, Bart Barber described his accusatory ways in a tweet, just days before the controversy.

Bart Barber loves himself some Bart Barber. Unfortunately, Bart is frequently Bart’s standard, rather than the eternal word of God.

Editor’s Note. This article is a guest post by Paul Brown for Protestia.

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