Karen Swallow Prior Lies About Rittenhouse, Slams His Parents

We’ve written many times about Karen Swallow Prior, how we continually find ourselves vexed and mystified that she’s viewed so favorably and regarded as conservative within Christian circles, despite the plethora of problems with her. The list is extensive and has been enumerated at the end of this post. Now, in an angry post late at night, she went after Kyle Rittenhouse and his parents, dropped a few bad facts (he never left home to travel to another city with a large weapon, there is no evidence his parents were ‘negligent’, her characaterizing his self-defense shooting of the men seeking to harm him as reflecting poor parenting, etc) and made allusions to necks weighed down with millstones.

The video she is likely referring to was created with self-righteous indignation by Kevin Clancy, a media personality who ironically made the news three years ago after it was discovered he was cheating on his pregnant wife. In it, Rittenhouse is shown expressing his disdain for Lebron James, who tweeted out that he was just crying crocodile tears when describing his need to shoot his attackers, and then fended questions about his taste in women and what features and body types he likes in women.


First interview is with Stephen Crowder of Louder with Crowder

Crowder: “You’re open to dating?”
Rittenhouse “I am. I am very open to dating.”
Crowder: “So maybe that’s what you want for christmas- a nice dame. What are you looking for in a woman?”
Rittenhouse: “Uh….”
Crowder makes hand gestures showing large breast
Rittenhouse: “Yes. Yes.”
Crowder: “Tracks of land?”
Rittenhouse: “Tracks of land.”
Crowder: “No what are you looking for in a woman?”
Rittenhouse: “You know, some person that just wants to date me for who I am. And what I’m looking for in a woman is, I like a girl with a little bit of butt. Slim waist, bit t***.
Crowder laughs
Rittenhouse: “Big Boobs. Big Boobs”
Dave Landau: “Dude you’re a guy. Let people get mad at that….”

She may have also been referring to the You are Here podcast with Elijah Schaffer, in context:

Schaffer “It’s like do you feel like you can live a normal life again? I mean can you ever be normal? Like is that possible?”
Rittenhouse: “I’ll make it normal…”
Hosts joke about his qualifications for dating, ie. he’ll protect you, is a good shot, and is not ‘shooting blank’
Rittenhouse “So I saw this one TikTok of this one person, I think she was like 25 and she was like ‘waiting for all the single patriotic moms to take Kyle’s virginity.’ I’m like ‘too late.’

Later they are discussing what kind of girl to try to help Rittenhouse meet, discussing the pros and cons between cute girls, hot girls, and psycho girls that are attractive but crazy, and Rittenhouse explains:

Rittenhouse: “Crazy is the only way to go…. (send me the) psycho-ist chick you can find.”
Schaffer: “What do you like. What ethnicity do you like? Like all ethnicities?”
Rittenhouse: “All ethnicities.”
Schaffer: “Do you like curvy of thin?”
Rittenhouse: “I like thicc.” (slang for full-bodied, with large breasts and buttocks)

Rittenhouse is by all accounts unregenerate, and he responded to questions and prompts of what type of physical characteristics he prefers in women, after noting he wants someone to date him “for who he is” with the candor and slang of an 18-year-old pagan who has a preferred body type. We don’t know anyone who is celebrating his answers, but from what we can see, Swallow is overselling how wicked, vile, and objectifying evil this conversation and his answers really are, particularly when he was asked specifically to comment on physical characteristics, rather than inner beauty and spirit.

If we want to talk about something truly vile and wicked, we can discuss how KSP is fully aware of sexual predators working on staff at Liberty University who are molesting and preying on women, but she refuses to name names or tell anyone who they are, ensuring they are free to molest and abuse with impunity. That’s worth a discussion for sure.

Promised enumerations below:


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8 thoughts on “Karen Swallow Prior Lies About Rittenhouse, Slams His Parents

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  2. This mouth-breathing parade float again outs her(?)self as a godless, mentally ill individual masquerading as a Christian. She(?) obviously is anything but. Pathetic.

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  3. Who cares? Karen is a flagrant wolf and Kyle is a pagan kid who got justice in our courts. I will say one thing; I wish he would just shut up and go away! All this attention is obviously going to his head and it has unveiled his support for blm which was very shocking to me!

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