Karen Swallow Prior Makes Idiotic Comparison of COVID-19 and Abortion

(Guest Post) As with so many in today’s strange times, the COVID plannedemic scamdemic pan(dem)ic has brought about the further unveiling of many hearts, and not all of them are as uproariously funny nor as obvious as the likes of Kenneth Copeland curing bald spots via faith-filled words. 

In recent months, we have observed that virtue-signaling has expanded well beyond its original context, related to racism and feminism, into the mask and lockdown debate. When it comes to justifying governmental overreach and tyranny, one can count on the compromised within Big Eva to poke their heads out now and then to push the narrative leftward before scurrying back into their faux-conservative cloaks. Take this tweet by Karen Swallow Prior as not the first, and not the 100th, warning about who she really is and where her sympathies lie, as an example of the compromised evangelical-in-name-only:

Unbelievably, she attempts then to substantiate her claim with two tweets linking to her “evidence”. One to a New York Times (LOL) article detailing a claim of recent reductions in the national abortion rate.

The second to an ABC News (also LOL) chart indicating a death count of >260,000 in the USA. 

Without even thinking about the quality of her sources, it should be immediately obvious how inane this comparison is.

Abortion is the intentional murder of an image-bearer of God in the place where the Incarnation of Christ took place, where a baby should be at his or her safest and most nurtured. Instead, the womb in the modern USA is an extremely dangerous place for no other reason than that the hearts of the mothers and fathers in our nation are so often turned to murderous malice.

Abortive mothers and fathers know exactly what they are doing, they are almost never in desperate straits, and they are not victims. Their helpless children are the victims of being orphaned by their parents and ripped to pieces or poisoned to death by the hired hitman (the abortionist). To say that child sacrifice is our national sin is no overstatement. It is a massacre, and overall abortion attempts have a >99% success rate.  

On the other hand, COVID-19 is a virus with a >99% survival rate that has been leveraged for political purposes to enact enormous tyranny and destruction of God-given liberty in the USA and around the world. There exist numerous highly effective treatments, which numerous medical professionals employ to great effect, many with near-100% survival rates. 

You should know all this already. If you don’t, you are ill-equipped to face the storm before you. Get in the game.

But let’s talk about the underrated angle to Ms. Prior’s tweets. 

Why precisely is the appeal to the ABC News graph about COVID deaths so asinine? It is mostly because neither you, nor Karen Swallow Prior, nor ABC News, nor President Trump, nor I, nor anyone knows how many people have died OF COVID-19. It is very simple. The most important national-level medical agencies have gone on national TV and explicitly stated they are lying about the numbers. See Here and Here, with news stories abounding of the same.

Unless and until these reporting agencies fess up, repent publicly, and detail specifically how they have resolved their addiction to lying to the public, any claim that anyone makes about the death numbers OF COVID-19 are worthless and should be disregarded. 

And when you consider the fact that the lies, the inflated statistics, are obviously motivated by financial incentives, we should all just be laughing at the naïveté around us. Follow the money, people.

And that’s exactly why the pro-life movement, so closely tied to Big Eva, is such an utter morass. Follow the money. If you abolish abortion, as is being pushed in many states right now, notably Oklahoma and Texas, then you cut out the most direct fundraising avenue for all these Big Eva “ministry” groups. What use is a pro-life lobbying group (most of which are deeply in bed with the Whore of Rome) when abortion is already criminalized as murder? 

And that is why the pro-life movement will pretend they are winning, without ever actually winning. Ms. Prior’s cited “source” (again, the NY Times) has no way of knowing how many abortions are committed in the modern USA. Nobody does. Why? Because of the rise of chemical abortions that can be purchased by mail or over the counter at your local Walmart, not to mention the massive and massively-overlooked wickedness of In Vitro Fertilization and hormonal birth control. Abortion is on the RISE, not the decline, but there is no way to know for sure either way, just like there is no way to know how many the COVIDs have killed.

Do not get distracted. Mass murder is still being committed. The governments are shutting down churches and allowing strip clubs and abortuaries to remain open for business. Big Eva is busily reminding you to trust your television. Read your Bible and get the Gospel out into the culture, and don’t fear catching a cold.

Editor’s Note. This was a guest post written by Alan Maricle. Posted with Permission.


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8 thoughts on “Karen Swallow Prior Makes Idiotic Comparison of COVID-19 and Abortion

  1. I wonder if Rosaria Butterfield is still friends with her? You would think she’d know better just like she should with Russell Moore but until I hear different…

    1. It is entirely possible that someone that knows here might be in a better position to judge than someone that reads an online tabloid.

  2. ” For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.” Prov6:26
    I am sick and tired of these wicked jezebel’s, especially this big mouthed witch !
    Where are the men of GOD who should be rebuking these rebellious witches to their faces in the mighty name of JESUS Christ !
    These witches hate men like me and so they should……………………………

  3. Amazing we hear absolutely nothing about the flu this year. If the Covid thing wasn’t going on, we’d hear nothing but how people are terrible because they didn’t get their flu shots. I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed with these Covid death numbers. Covid is a contributing factor. That is all it is. The media conveniently forgets that most people who die have multiple comorbidities and were in bad shape to begin with. Sure, they’re are going to be some outliers, but overall this death rate is highly exagerrated. Amazing how the death rate for those under 20 is basically nil.

  4. 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. (Romans 1:22-23 KJV)

    I don’t know what this contemptible beast, Karen Swallow Prior worships, but it is certainly not the Most High God of the Bible.

    Karen Swallow Prior: Jezebel; spiritual harlot; hater of God

    Marked & Avoided

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