SBC Prof. KSP Says Having Roe. v Wade Overturned Wasn’t Worth Having Trump as President

We’ve written many times about Karen Swallow Prior, how we continually find ourselves vexed and mystified that she’s viewed so favorably and regarded as conservative within Christian circles, despite the plethora of problems with her. The list is extensive and has been enumerated at the end of this post. Despite having these supposed credentials as a pro-life warrior, she’s about the worst person you’d ever want in a foxhole with you batting to save babies lives from the demonic scourges of this world.

In fact, she’s previously said that “abortion is not murder” and “calling abortion murder” is mean to abortion doctors and it’s “unchristlike” in Christianity Today.

Unsurprising, she was full of hot takes last night, formed from the pits of hell, with the Southeastern Baptist Theological professor explaining that in her mind, far from deserving praise of having pushed through two supreme court justices who ruled to overturn the long-standing abortion law, having Donald Trump as president did more harm than good. In fact, it wasn’t worth having Donald Trump as president in order to have Roe v. Wade overturned.

Thankfully, a majority of people felt that Trump’s ‘misogyny’ was worth the price for the good he did, and though KSP can’t tell which one is worse, having Trump as president or keeping abortion the law of the land, we can.

Promised enumerations below:


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